Anastasia Beverly Hills Contour Kit

Anastasia Beverly Hills Contour Kit


$40.00 for 6 pans each .11 oz

This was my first big girl contour palette. I wanted it for so long, but just couldn’t justify spending $40 dollars on something I might not use. I reach for this every time I go out at night now. I don’t use all the colors, though I have been trying to lately. Below I will give a quick review of each single shade. Now you can buy the pans separately so you can mix and match more what colors you want. The standard palette though comes with three highlight shades and three bronzer/contour shades.



This is a nice matte pinky cream color. I love using this to highlight my nose and chin and forehead because if I use a shimmery highlight it just looks odd on my face. I also use this as a brow bone highlight.



This is one of my favorite shades in the palette. It is a buttery banana cream color. I like to mix this and Vanilla to set my under eye concealer to really make myself look awake. I reach for this shade the most, I find it fitting into my daily routine the most.



This is the one shimmer shade in the palette. It is a shimmery light pink. I love using this on my cheekbones and inner corners as a highlight. This can sometimes be a little glittery, but if I tap my brush before putting it on my face it works much better.



I reach for this bronzer often because it isn’t too dark and orangey on me. It blends really nicely and really warms up my face.



This is my favorite shade in the palette. It is an ashy brown and the perfect contour color for me. It doesn’t make me look muddy or ridiculous, and it is super blendable. This is the color I will most likely hit pan on first.



This is probably the color I use the least because it is so dark. I am not that great at using dark bronzers yet because I am horrible at using a light hand with anything. I wish I could exchange this color for a different one because I want to get the most out of this palette.

Let me know what shades are your favorites and which ones I should try! Thanks for reading!!

Glowingly yours,




  1. LaurensLipGlossary

    I love this contour kit I would say fawn and banana are probably my favorite shades! I’d love to see you do a luck with this palette:) Also i’m very impressed with your swatches Haha mine never turn out quite as nice as this!


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