Urban Decay Electric Palette

Urban Decay Electric Palette


$49.00 for 8 pans

This palette both scares the living shit out of me and inspires me endlessly. I have been staring at this on my vanity for almost a year now. I use it alone at night, as I have yet to have enough courage to wear it outside. The colors are so crazy pigmented and beautiful, if you are looking to add color to your looks go buy this thing right now. The more matte shades can be a little chalky but they still apply amazing color. These are technically called ‘pressed pigments’ because the FDA have not approved some of the ingredients for use around the eyes. Most people use these without issue, but some report mild itching around the eyes so if you have very sensitive eyes then maybe skip these. Some of the reds and pinks leave a stain, so be ready to have slightly pink skin for a few hours after taking this off.


Top to bottom: Revolt, Gonzo, Slowburn, Savage, Fringe


Top to bottom: Chaos, Jilted, Urban, Freak, Thrash



This is a metallic silver glitter bomb that looks badass over most shadows. This is easiest to use in the middle of the lid to create a halo eye.



This is a brilliant bright true blue with silver flecks of glitter throughout it. This shade can be a little chalky but once its on the eye it blends nicely.



Slowburn is a bright tomato red with silver glitter. This stains my skin like crazy, and I tend to stay away from it because it makes me look like I have pink eye.



This is a perfect baby pink. It is a bit chalky and stains the skin but it is such a pretty color I can ignore all that.



This is my favorite color of the whole palette. This is the most wearable color to me. If I could put my thoughts on this color into one word, it would be ‘mermaid.’ It is so creamy and smooth and blends so beautifully.



This is probably the chalkiest shade in the palette. I have yet to figure out how to incorporate this into anything close to wearable.



This is such a cool almost duo chrome shade. This can stain a little bit, so I really only like putting it over other shadows.



I love purple, it brings out the green in me eyes, so I really gravitated towards this shade when I bought this. It is still pretty shocking and unwearable to me, but I am hoping to try it out more often.



This color is so cool, I have used this as a pop of color on my inner eye and lower lash line. When blended with a bronze it becomes much more wearable.



Honestly, I stay far away from this color. It scares me so much, because yellow has never really been my color, especially neon highlighter yellow.

If any of y’all have this palette and have any tips on how to incorporate it into more wearable looks, let me know! Thanks for reading!!

Glowingly yours,


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