Make Up Geek Haul

After hearing everyone and their mama for months and months gush over Make Up Geek shadows, I finally caved and grabbed a few. I decided to go with some of the most talked about ones to see if they live up to the hype. I also wanted to pick up one of their new contour powders because I have been looking for a good fair contour powder. So without further ado, here is my honest review of Make Up Geek.

Contour Powder $10.00

Break Up Cool Porcelain


This formula is so buttery and blendable, it has yet to apply patchy on me. It is a lot ashier in real life, which is perfect for my skin tone. I love the variety available in this, they have four shades for both cool and warm skin tones. I bought a Z-Palette with this order to pop this into, and I hope to start collecting some more.

Eye Shadow Pans $6.00

Shimma Shimma


This is such a stunning inner corner highlight. It reminds me of MAC’s Nylon, only a bit pinker. This is very buttery and has minimal fallout. It stays opaque all day, and doesn’t fade to a patchy, glittery mess.

Peach Smoothie


This is probably the shade I hear the most about. Sam from Batalash has been using this religiously for over a year, and I have always loved her eye looks. This is a great transition color, and really pulls together warmer eye looks. I can see why everyone loves this shade.

Creme Brulee


I bought this shade because Kathleen Lights called it “so holy grail it hurts.” I am always looking for the perfect cool brown transition shade, and I think I might have found it in this shadow. I also love dusting this in my crease on days when I don’t want a full eye look.



Of all the shades I got, this is probably the only one I was a little disappointed in. I wanted it to be a little more pigmented, and it doesn’t last as long as the others on my eyes. That being said, it is a beautiful color and it looks nice all over the lid or in the inner half of the eye with a darker shade on the outer corner.



This color looks a lot less gold in person. This is a pretty shade, nothing too revolutionary, but it does last long on my lids and blends beautifully.

Foiled Eye Shadow $10.00



Now this is the shining star of the purchase. MUG just recently released these foiled shadows, and everyone went nuts. I now know why. That swatch is just one swipe of my finger. Thats how insanely pigmented and opaque this shadow is. It is such a stunning taupey purple color, and it compliments so many different eye colors. It brings out the green in my eyes, and made my friend Rosie’s bright blue eyes look amazing too. I am most excited to get my hands on more of these foiled shadows, thats for sure.

Let me know your favorite Make Up Geek products and why you love them! Thanks for reading!!!

Glowingly yours,


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