Boxy Charm March 2016

Sweat Treats


After I saw Kathleen’s Boxycharm unboxing video for this month, I was so excited to get this box. I was mostly looking forward to the MUG eyeshadows because I just recently hauled a bunch of them and I love the formula. My one issue with this month’s box is the fact that the back of the card had no information about the uses and pricing of the products. I really hope they haven’t stopped doing that all together!

Make Up Geek Eye Shadows $6.00


I am so excited that Boxy Charm included these! I feel like Make Up Geek has gotten so popular, and with the release of the Manny MUA palette (which includes one of these two shadows), I figured they wouldn’t be featured in something like a subscription box. A few weeks ago I ordered a few shadows, so I’m pretty happy that I didn’t buy these two.



This color reminds me so much of MAC’s melon pigment. This shade is so pretty when dusted all over the lid. I love using Fix + with this, because it really brings out the gold shift.

Cocoa Bear


I am already obsessed with this color. I was super close to buying it on my own because everyone raves about it, and now I know why. This is such a stunning matte red-brown, and it goings perfectly with so many looks. It really pulls together a matte or shimmery warm eye look. It has just enough red to be warm, but not so much that it makes you look sick (which most red eyeshadow does to me).

Clark’s Botanicals Anti Puff Eye Cream $87.00


Eh. Ive used this in the morning a few times now, and I don’t really notice much of a difference. My eyes look a little less puffy right after I put it on, but once I’m done eating breakfast and I sit down to do my makeup, they are right back to normal.

Chella Tantalizing Taupe Eyebrow Pencil $18.00


While I really like this, I can’t imagine any blonde or red haired subscribers were all too happy to receive this. Boxy charm usually doesn’t give out products like this where the shade really matters. Anyway, I really like this. It is super skinny and easy to use, and is pigmented enough to show up without looking fake and overdone.

Luxie Beauty 512 Small Contour Brush $16.00


I am always so happy when I get a brush in my box. I have nothing exactly like this in my collection, so its already come in handy. I like using this to set my under eye concealer with translucent powder. The hairs are very soft and deposit product really evenly. I have always been a big fan of Luxie brushes, they are a great brand that makes good brushes on the cheaper side.

Catherine Malandrino Style De Paris Perfume $20.00


I was super happy to see that this perfume was a spray and not a rollerball. I like keeping sprays in my purse to spray in the car or on the go as they are easier to use all over than a rollerball. I haven’t used this enough to say anything about the staying power, but the smell is nice and its a pretty great size sample.

Let me know how y’all felt about your boxes this month! Thanks for reading!!!

Glowingly yours,


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