Kylie Cosmetics Lip Kit and Glosses


I did it. I sat at my computer and counted down the minutes, threw everything in my cart and typed in my billing information as fast as possible. By the time I was done filling everything out, half of the items in my cart were already sold out. What I ended up with was one of the Lip Kits in True Brown K and the darkest two of the three glosses in Like and Literally. I have swatched all three and tested them out a bit on my lips so I can give a quick first impressions.

Kylie Lip Kit in True Brown K $29.00



This color was one of the original three shades released, and the one I was most drawn too because I have nothing like it. I have a million light pink and mauve liquid lipsticks, but no dark browns, which have been popping up everywhere lately. This formula is really impressive, both in the lipstick and the lip liner. It goes on very smoothly and dries to a true matte in a few seconds. I love that it comes with a creamy lip liner, because the biggest problem I’ve had with liquid lipsticks is finding the right lip liner to match it both color and formula wise. I am hoping to get some of the other colors (I have my eye on Candy K and Posie K), and I hope to continue to see Kylie expanding the shade and product range.

Kylie Lip Glosses in Like and Literally $15


Like Gloss


Literally Gloss


I actually really love the feel of these glosses. When it comes to gloss, I love a very thick, pigmented formula, that doesn’t feel too sticky or tacky. I love these shades, they are perfect for every day wear, and I can just throw this on to pull any look together. Lately I have been loving a darker, grey smoky eye with a nude, glossy lip. As much I like the liquid lipsticks, I much prefer these glosses. I hope that Kylie adds a lot more colors to this line. A dark red or purple gloss would go so well with some of her newer Lip Kit colors.

I honestly hate that I love these products, because getting your hands on them is next to impossible. The Kardashian clan, when it comes to their consumers, are borderline genius. Kylie restocks her site every few weeks with just enough product to sell out in a few minutes, creating a ferocious demand that drives people insane. As rational as I consider myself to be, when I was waiting on the latest restock, I found myself strategizing and figuring out the fastest way to spend all my money on lip products that I really don’t need. Even as I write this, I am deciding whether or not to commit myself to the restock happening at 1PM Pacific. I don’t need it, but man I really want it.

Let me know your thoughts on the Kits and the Glosses. Thanks for reading!!

Glowingly yours,


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