Too Faced Chocolate Bar

With Too Faced expanding its ever popular Chocolate Bar line, I thought I would return to my roots (and one of my all time favorite palettes) and review the original Chocolate Bar palette. I absolutely love this palette, it is so versatile, the shadows blend beautifully, and it smells like hot cocoa. I always recommend this product to people wanting to branch out into more high end eye shadows, because it has so many shadows for the price. Anyway, lets get into the review! I have a swatch and a little description of every shadow, and a little bit on where and when I like to use it most. Enjoy!

Too Faced Chocolate Bar $49.00


Gilded Ganache


So this shade is a super dark brown with green and gold glitter all throughout it. I don’t reach for this one all too often just because the glitter can be a little much. But when I do use it, I like putting it on the outer corners of my eyes just to deepen an eye look.

White Chocolate


I love using this shade as an all over the lid color to set my eye primer. It makes blending the shadows I put over it so much easier. This shade is a perfect example of why this palette is structured so well, this shade is twice as big as the others. I always go through shades like this much faster than any others, so having double the product is super practical.

Milk Chocolate


After White Chocolate, this is my next most used shade. It is such a gorgeous crease/transition shade that pulls together every shade in the palette. Any eye shadow palette that has a shade like this automatically looks useful and complete to me.

Black Forest Truffle


This is the messy glitter bomb of the palette, and I treat it accordingly. I only use this when it is appropriate to have glitter all over your face, which is rare, but it happens.

Triple Fudge


While transition and crease shades are important, I also think every palette needs a dark brown like this to dust in the corners of my eyes to deepen up my looks. I think even a tiny hint of depth in the corners of the eyes dramatically transform a look. It only appears sparkly because it sits right next to Black Forest Truffle (ugh) but on the skin it ends up looking like a satin/matte finish.

Salted Caramel


This is the warmer sister to Milk Chocolate. This pulls shade in the palette warm, while Milk Chocolate pulls them cool. Another perfect example of how this palette does it all. This color almost reminds me of a darker Peach Smoothie from Make Up Geek.



I will always have a soft spot for these colors. Chances are, if you hand me a sparkly pink, it will be all over my lids almost immediately. I think colors like these are so safe but in the best way. I love dusting this on the inner corners of my lids and sometimes underneath my brow bone for a dramatic highlight.



This is also a warmer brown to use with the warmer shades in the palette. I find myself skipping over this shade honestly because it can be a little patchy on my lids.

Strawberry Bon Bon


I rarely touch this color because I am terrified of pastel shadows, especially pink ones. I can look sickly so easily. When I do use this, I usually put it under my brow bone as a subtle highlight.

Candied Violet


To me, this is the worst shade in the whole group. If it was true to pan, I would cover myself in it, but alas, it falls very short. Barely any of the purple pigment comes through, leaving only a smattering of chunky glitter everywhere.



This is so damn stunning. This color is such a weird combination of bronze and red and teeny tiny bit of purple, I don’t have anything else like it. I love dusting this all over my lid for a bronze smoky eye, or packing it into the outer corners.



This is a classic, very useful shade that I will never get tired of. All over the lid, in the outer corners, or even just dusted in the crease, this shade comes in handy and makes the palette ready for daily wear.

Creme Brûlée


I am a sucker for a good gold. This is a stunning bronze, old gold shade that is the perfect pop of color in the center of the lid to make your eyes pop like crazy.

Haute Chocolate


This is the color that makes me go “oh right, this really is the Chocolate Bar Palette.” This rich, chocolatey brown looks so amazing on brown and green eyes, and makes any regular brown eye look sultry and blown out.

Cherry Cordial


This color is just a bit too chalky for me to want to reach for it. If I really work with it a lot, I can make it look as beautiful as it should, but I’m lazy and that’s our disconnect.

Champagne Truffle


This color is perfect as a brow highlight, but it is much too frosty for my eyelids. Super frosty/white based shades like this make my eyes look older, which is weird. For others though, this is a great shade for all over the lid or as a pop of brightness on the inner corner.

Let me know if you have this palette and how you feel about it! Thanks for reading!!

Glowingly yours,


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