Splurge Or Save? Body Edition

Your body is your temple, so treat it well. In this episode of my Splurge Or Save series, I will be breaking down what’s worth the cash and what’s not when it comes to body care. Let’s begin!

Body Wash


I have never really been a body wash user until this past year. I find that the scents rarely stay on my skin once I apply lotion or perfume, and they have never really done anything good or bad for my skin. When it comes to body wash, I think you can save your money and buy something from the drugstore.



Exfoliating my skin is so important to me. It gives my dry, dull skin new life and softness. But I don’t see much of a difference from scrub to scrub. When it comes down to the actual job of sloughing off dead skin, pretty much anything will do. If you are just looking for something to scrub with, buy something cheaper. If you want something a bit more luxurious, then spend a little extra money on something like the Soap & Glory scrub.



Here is another item I think you can save your money on, if your skin is relatively normal. If you have super dry or sensitive skin, it might be worth it to spend some more money on something that targets your needs. I personally find that my Palmer’s Cocoa Butter does everything I need it to, and it doesn’t break my bank. I do have some pricier lotions that I bought and love mainly for the smell though, so if you want the best scent, prepare to spend some money.



While there are a lot of good , cheap gradual tanning products out there, I think that self tanning deserves more of your money. It is so easy to look orange, streaky, or just downright silly, so the better the product, the better the chances are that you will come out looking like a bronzed goddess instead of a Cheeto. I personally love anything from the bran St. Tropez, and I always make sure to exfoliate before applying the product, and using a mitt so I don’t end up with the dreaded orange hand.



Perfume is something I am always willing to shell out cash for. I have some cheaper scents, like body splashes from Bath & Body Works, that I love to use just to spray all over my room. When it comes to my body though, I have found that only nicer perfumes last on skin all day. A cheaper alternative to buying the expensive full bottles is buying minis or rollerballs, and I also always find myself hoarding tiny spray samples from Sephora that I like to throw in my purse. I love everything about perfumes, I find the packaging and scents so luxurious that it is well worth the extra money for me.

Nail Polish


My two favorite and most trusted brands of nail polish are both cheap and from the drugstore. Sally Hansen and Wet N Wild both make amazing polishes with perfect formulas, so I really don’t see the point in buying expensive polish. I have a few nicer polishes that perform just as well if not worse than my drugstore ones, so I am a firm believer in sticking with the cheap ones.

Let me know what you like to splurge or save on! Thanks for reading!!

Glowingly yours,



  1. nutsandpebbles

    Very true! I feel that we should always pay a little more attention to the perfume we are wearing because it says a lot about the kind of person we are 🙂


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