Milani Eyeshadow Palette in Bare Necessities

I saw this not too long ago at a Rite Aid and decided to pick it up to try out. I have never really been impressed with eye shadow palettes from the drug store but I had heard good things about this line by Milani and thought I would give it a chance.

Milani Everyday Eyes Powder Eye Shadow Collection in Bare Necessities $9.99


This is the largest pan in the palette, which I like because I tend to blow through these shades the fastest. This color is very pigmented and buttery, and it feels like an expensive shadow. I like to use this as a brow bone and inner corner highlight, and I once dusted it on my cheekbones as a face highlight and it looked great.


I am so happy that they included a good, matte brown transition/crease shade in the palette. For me, it’s what really pulls a neutral palette together enough to be used on it’s own. This shade is a super simple matte cool brown that blends beautifully and doesn’t go on patchy or chalky like many drugstore mattes do.


This shade is the one that really blew me away. This gold is on par with my LORAC golds, which is no easy feat. This color is crazy pigmented and opaque, and gives a stunning gold sheen on the lids.


Another impressively pigmented bronze shade. This looks amazing dusted on the outer corners to deepen up a look. I used this once with Fix+ and it took it to a whole different level. It looked like I had melted metal on my eyelids.


This color reminds me so much of Nylon by MAC, it has that same white/gold shift. This can go on a little patchy, but I tend to only use it sparingly in small spots like my brow bone or inner corner.


This is another matte brown, but it is much deeper shade. It is chalkier than the first one, but still looks great if you work with it a bit. I like to use this in the crease or packed into the out v of my eye to give a deep, smoky brown look some extra depth.

Overall this palette really impressed me with it’s quality and pigmentation. I definitely want to go pick up the other colors from this line and see if they measure up. If you have been searching for an inexpensive warm brown palette, then I may have found the answer. Let me know if you’ve been using this palette and what you think! Thanks for reading!!

Glowingly yours,



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