April Favorites 2016

Its that time again! This is my favorite time of the year, when April turns into May and its warm and sunny and school is almost done! Here are my favorites from this month!

Benefit’s Dandelion Blush $29.00


I have been loving this baby pink blush for days when I am wearing very minimal make up. I have this in an old holiday set from a while ago, but it is available in single form. This has always been my favorite blush color from Benefit. I find it so universally flattering and cute.

MAC Studio Fix Powder Foundation in NC35 $27.00


While I love face powders, I rarely find myself liking anything that isn’t translucent. I used to wear this powder all the time when I was first getting into makeup, and I cringe at how much I pressed onto my face. Now I just like to use this on my forehead, and it’s been keeping me from getting too oily if I’m outside at all. I probably need to invest in a new one because this one is a few years old, but I for sure will be. This powder feels so finely milled and velvety on the skin. If you are looking for a good pressed powder foundation with full coverage, this has your name all over it.

Laura Mercier Matte Baked Radiance in Bronze 01 $40.00


I actually stumbled onto this product by accident. For my birthday this past year my Grandmother took me to Blue Mercury and let me shop around while she was visiting. I had my eye on the Highlighter 01 from Laura for a while but never wanted to spend $40 on it. My Grandma told me to pick the items that I would normally be too scared to buy, so I went for it. I grabbed the first package I saw that said “01” on it and left before she changed her mind about paying. When I got home I realized I had grabbed the bronzer instead of the highlight, but by then my Grandma has started her 7 hour drive back to the Catskills and had the receipt in her purse. I decided to just keep it and deal, and I’m so happy I did. This is such a beautifully subtle bronzer. I have stayed away from bronzer for most of my make up life because I go overboard way too easily. With this product that is basically impossible. If you love the Matte Baked Highlight from Laura, you should definitely give this product a try.

Milani Baked Bronzer in Glow $9.99


Another great bronzer I am using to usher myself into warmer weather. I had this put away in storage for a while because it is so bulky, but I got new containers and dug this out to retry. This can be a bit intense sometimes, but it is very smooth and easy to blend into a nice sun-kissed glow. I love finding a good drugstore bronzer, and this is one of them.

Maybelline Instant Age Rewind Dark Circle Eraser in Fair $8.99


This is all I have been wearing under my eyes lately because of how light and comfortable it is. Sometimes my under eyes can feel cakey and heavy, but not with this. It doesn’t have perfect coverage, but it is great for throwing on to look a little less dead. I am still unsure how I feel about the applicator. On one hand, it distributes a very light layer of product so it is hard to use too much. On the other hand though, I feel like the sponge is not nearly as sanitary as it could be.

Colourpop Super Shock Shadow in Wattles $5.00


I ordered this and a few other shadows from Colourpop’s new spring line, and this one is for sure my favorite. It looks kind of boring in the pan and swatched, but it is my new go-to dust of color all over the lids for a really subtle look. The glitter is not very noticeable, and it doesn;t fall all over my face over the day which is a plus. I also have to admit that part of the reason I ordered it is because the name cracks me up.

e.l.f Shadow Lock Eyelid Primer $2.00


Rarely do I stray from my MAC paint pots as lid primers, but I wanted to try a cheaper alternative just for fun. This stuff is actually really great. It doesn’t dry out my eyelids or make them too oily. My shadow stays vibrant and crease free for hours. It’s also $2 so that’s a hell of a deal.

Chella Eye Brow Pencil in Tantalizing Taupe $18.00


I got this in a Boxycharm a few months ago, and have been using it nonstop since. This is perfect for running through my brows when I’m in a hurry or just too lazy to work hard. It is super easy to use and doesn’t look fake or overdone. This is why I love Boxycharm, I really have found some great things that are now part of my every day routine.

Anastasia Beverly Hills Lipgloss in Kristen $16.00


If you have seen me out at all this month, chances are I had this on my lips. It is my new favorite lip product, and I don’t see another gloss taking its place any time soon. It is the perfect mauvey pink shade thatĀ  looks so flattering on everyone. Some people don’t like the formula of these Anastasia glosses, but I for one love thick, opaque glosses. This stays on my lips forever and doesn’t leave them dry and cracked when it does start to fade. I do suggest wearing a lip liner with these glosses though because they are so crazy pigmented they can start to feather a bit.

Clear Eyes Redness Relief Eye Drops


So I have been loving eye drops lately. I used to hate putting anything even near my eyes, but now I have to keep drops in my purse and at my make up table at all times. Not only are they great for making your eyes look bright and awake, they reduce redness everywhere! So before I do my makeup, I will dab some of this on a pimple or any other red spot on my face and it becomes much easier to cover up. I’m not really loyal to one brand, as long as it gets the job done I’ll buy it.

Flo Refillable Perfume Atomizer $10.00


I grabbed this in the checkout line at Ulta last minute because I needed something like this and it was only 10 bucks. I love collecting little perfume bottles, but they are hard to apply since they tend not to have a spray or any kind of applicator. With this, I can pour a bit of my perfume in and then spray it all over myself like I usually would! I currently have my Tocca Stella perfume in here and I am loving it. I suggest anyone who has a bunch of difficult to use scents pick this up.

Let me know what products you’ve been loving this month! Thanks for reading!!

Glowingly yours,


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