Splurge Or Save? Hair Edition

Welcome to the next episode of Splurge or Save! This post will be all about where to spend or save your money when it comes to hair products and tools. I have very long, naturally straight hair, so you might not agree with my thoughts on some of these products if your hair is different. Let me know in the comments what you like to splurge on for your hair. Enjoy!



So I have honestly found that there are some really great shampoos at the drugstore, and in much bigger quantities. I am much more likely to spend $36 on a giant tub of shampoo than on a small bottle from a high end brand. I love using Biolage Normalizing Clean Reset, which can be on the pricier side, but I only buy it in the winter when my scalp is a bit drier. I really can use any shampoo and not have it negatively impact my hair. If you are looking for something in particular, like anti-dandruff, extra volume or moisture, you might want to spend the extra buck, but if you have pretty low-maintenance hair, I would save on the shampoo.



Maybe it’s because I have such long hair, but I cannot stomach spending a bunch of money on conditioner when I know I am going to go through it in a month. I like buying large bottles of conditioner for no more than $30 at a time. The most expensive conditioner I use is Redken All Soft, and even then I don’t notice that much of a difference than when I use my Pantene. I say save your money on conditioner and instead invest in a good leave in treatment or mask.



I am very picky about hairspray, mostly because I need a lot to keep a curl in my hair but hate when it makes my hair crunchy or wet. I like to spend a little more for my It’s A 10 Miracle Finishing Spray, but m0st people I know are more than happy with their less expensive alternatives.

Heat Protector


I think protecting your hair from heat is super important to keeping your hair soft and healthy. Most of my life I didn’t use heat at all on my hair, but the older I get the more I do. I like to curl my hair on the weekends, and sometimes I will straighten out my ends if they are looking a little crazy. I rarely blow dry my hair because I have a crappy dryer and it just makes my hair a frizzy mess. If you use heat on your hair regularly, I suggest spending some more money on a nice heat protector. In the long run, it will save you money on other products because your hair won’t be nearly as damaged or dry.

Leave In Treatment


Trying out different leave in treatments is one of my favorite beauty related things to do. I always notice a difference with the nicer products I use. This is something I am willing to spend my money on, because it really helps keep my hair healthy and pretty. I tend to gravitate more towards cream products that I put on the ends of my hair, but I have a few sprays that I love too. My current favorite is the Alterna Caviar Cream.



While it is always nice to treat yourself to a luxuriously expensive hair mask, there are cheaper options that get the job done. I like to do a hair mask about once a week if I can, it keeps my hair feeling smooth and hydrated. I much prefer to spend my money on leave in treatments over masks, but if you have extremely dry and brittle hair, you might want to check out some of the high end brands.

Dry Shampoo


While I’m sure expensive dry shampoo is great, I absolutely love my Batiste shampoo, and its under 10 bucks. My roots get really oily after about a day of not washing it, so I need a dry shampoo that gives me volume while also sucking up all that oil. Another big thing I look for is a product that doesn’t leave a white or grey cast wherever I spray it. I say save your money.

Blow Dryer


What I really am saving my money for right now is a good blow dryer. Cheaper, less well made blow dryers leave my hair frizzy, knotty, and still damp an hour later. There are a lot of people who swear by their expensive dryers, and their hair looks so beautiful I have to agree. I have so much hair that I need a strong dryer to dry my hair fast so I don’t spend hours damaging my hair with heat. Once I get my hands on a nice dryer, I will update about how dramatic the difference truly is.



I rarely straighten my hair, and when I do, it’s just a few quick pull-throughs. Because of this, I am just fine using my cheaper straightener. If you have very curly hair or straighten your hair daily though, I suggest investing in a good ceramic tool. Nothing damages your hair quite as much as the intense heat on a straightener, so the better quality the tool, the less damaging it should be to your hair. And whatever you do, don’t straighten your hair while it is still damp!

Curling Iron


I have a few different curling irons, and they range in price. My hair barely holds a curl because it is so straight and heavy, and there have only been two tools that curl it properly. I have a cheap, thick barrel hair wand that gives me the best beachy waves. I also have a $100 smaller barrel curler that keeps a tighter curl in my hair for days until I wash it. If you have naturally straight hair and need your curls to last a long time without hairspray, invest in a nice wand. If you rarely curl your hair, I would save your money.

Let me know your hair favorites and where you invest the big bucks! Thanks for reading!!

Glowingly yours,




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