MBA Cosmetics Molten Metals Collection

I have tried loose indie shadows before, and I was never really all too into them. I am pretty lazy, and the extra work that goes into working with loose pigments from a little plastic bag is just too much for me most of the time. I saw a post a long time ago on Reddit of an insanely beautiful copper eye, and I had to have whatever was on the girls face (the post is no longer up, otherwise I would link to it). Turns out it was some loose shadows from the brand MBA Cosmetics. I found the two that she had used, and saw that I could get the entire Molten Metals Collection for only $20. I figured that was an awesome deal seeing as how you get 10 shadows, and they are pretty full of product. I love anything bronze/gold, and this collection screamed my name. These shadows are so insane, they really do look like molten metal on the lids. So here is a mini review and some swatches of the whole collection! Enjoy!

MBA Cosmetics Molten Metals Collection $20.00

Aged Gold

DSC_1777Aged goldaged gold swatch

So this is a stunning burnished gold color. I love golds like these that are deeper and reflective. This shadow is perfect for popping on the center of the lid to create a halo eye effect.

Sun Bronze

DSC_1783sun bronzesun bronze swatch

This is the least pigmented, but easiest to use shadow of the whole bunch. It is the best for dusting all over the lid (something you can’t really do with the other shades) or on the lower lash line.

Milk Chocolate

DSC_1787milk chocolatemilk chocolate swatch

This is my idea of a perfect bronze. This color makes my green eyes look insane, and if you have flecks of green in your eyes, you should order this color right now. I love using this combined with Aged Gold to create the perfect bronze eye.


DSC_1793coppercopper swatch

I love this color, but sometimes it can make me look kind of sickly, like a lot of reds tend to do. I do really like using this on my lower lash line though with warmer looks.


DSC_1797rusgtrust swatch

This was the color that made me go looking for this product. I mean seriously? Look at that swatch. That is one swipe with me barely touching the powder in the container. This makes my eyes look so golden and sultry. I am obsessed.


DSC_1800umberumber swatch

This is perfect when combined with Rust to deepen up the outer corners. The golden reflects in this really brighten up the eyes and make them appear larger.


DSC_1807burnishedburnished swatch

This color is insane and I wish I had more opportunity to wear this. It is just as neon and crazy in person. I love using this as a pop of color in the inner corner of my eyes or on the lower lash line (sparingly).


DSC_1811copperminecoppertime swatch

Another great rusty bronze copper color. This is just brown enough to not make me look sick like red shadows do, but also red enough to look coppery.

Gold Olive

DSC_1816gold olivegold olive swatch

This is the most brilliant shade of the bunch, and I am always looking for an excuse to cover myself and everyone near me with it. It reminds me a little bit of the shadow Telepathy from the Kathleen Lights collab with Colourpop.


DSC_1824smoldersmolder swatch

This is one of the only kinds of reds I can actually pull off. This is such a stunning berry red, I love combining this with a darker plum color in the outer corners. If you love warmer eye looks, then you will love this.

Let me know your thoughts and if you’ve ever bought from this brand before! Thanks for reading!!

Glowingly yours,



    1. jessicathorneh

      They really are! They can be a little difficult to work with because they are loose shadows, but once you figure them out they are so fun!


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