Milani Color Statement Lipsticks

Milani is one of my favorite drugstore brands. Their lip products are so great and inexpensive. I have three of their lipsticks, and I thought I would do a post reviewing them. I have one of the matte formulas, and two from the regular line. Let’s get started!

Matte Beauty $5.99


This is the most wearable of the three for me, and it love how well it matches so many different looks. This doesn’t look fully matte on me, but I like that because it isn’t drying or uncomfortable on the lips. I really want to get more from the matte collection because this one is so pigmented and opaque.

Double Espresso $5.99


I have no idea why I got this color, because I really don’t wear dark browns, especially not shimmery ones. I love this color though, it makes me think of dark chocolate. As of yet I haven’t fully worn this, more just patted it onto my lip for some color or mixed it with a lighter shade. Maybe one day.

Sweet Nectar $5.99


This is my favorite of the three, because anyone that has read any of my other posts know I am partial to bright orange reds. This looks a lot more neon and intense in person, which makes this a little difficult to pull of. This is the perfect summer color to me. It looks so great with bare eyes and bronzed skin. This is so creamy and richly colored, and it lasts all day. If you like a bright lip, give this a shot.

Let me know your favorite Milani products! Thanks for reading!!

Glowingly yours,


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