Battle of the Liquid Lipsticks

The liquid lipstick trend has completely changed the make up game for both the consumers and the brands. What’s not to love about a lip product that promises long lasting color with no transfer and no retouching necessary? Though most brands have jumped on this trend, not all liquid lipsticks are created equal. I decided to do a large mega post about every liquid lipstick I have, and what I love/hate about them. I have organized it by brand, and I am starting with my favorite and ending with my least favorite. I will talk about the dryness level, longevity, color payoff and range for each brand. Let’s get started!

Girlactik Matte Lip Paints $23.00


Formula: These have a very moussey, hydrating formula that sits well on the lips and dries down in about a minute.

Dryness: Not drying on me at all, even after hours of wear.

Longevity: These last forever on my lips, and they hold up pretty well through meals and drinks.

Color Payoff: All four of the colors I own apply opaque and bright with one swipe, and never go on patchy or sheer.

Color Range: While there are a lot of different colors, they are all relatively ‘safe’ shades, so I wish Girlactik would expand to some more fun colors because the formula is my favorite. Some harder to wear colors like black or bright purple would look amazing with this formula.









Ofra Long Lasting Liquid Lipstick $19.90


Formula: These have an almost identical formula to the Girlactik Matte Lip Paints, but just a touch drier. They apply very smooth and take about a minute to dry, sometimes longer.

Dryness: These are not drying on me, especially if I wear a lip primer or balm underneath.

Longevity: Most of these colors lasts a long time on me, but some of the lighter ones flake off after a few hours if I eat or drink a lot.

Color Payoff: The upside to the thicker formula is that these are very pigmented and never appear patchy or thin.

Color Range: I have got to hand it to Ofra, they have an amazing color selection when it comes to these liquid lipsticks. And the best part is, they are constantly adding new shades that are different and exciting. They do a lot of collaboration work, so they are really in touch with their buyers and current trends.



Miami Fever






Staten Island


Stila Stay All Day Liquid Lipstick $24.00


Formula: This has a slightly moussey formula, but it is a bit thinner than the previous two brands. It is very smooth and doesn’t settle into the fine lines on my lips.

Dryness: If I use a lip balm underneath, these do not dry my lips out at all, and they dry down to a full matte in under a minute.

Longevity: These last a good while on my lips without needing a touch up. If I drink or eat a lot they can wear off a tiny bit on the center of my lips.

Color Payoff: These are all very pigmented and opaque on me, especially Patina.

Color Range: They just recently released a few new colors, but I wish they would release some more pinks and nudes.







Kylie Lip Kit $29.00


Formula: These have a pretty thin, watery consistency, but not too runny that they bleed everywhere when you are applying them.

Dryness: These can be pretty drying if I don’t exfoliate and prime my lips before, but if I do they are very comfortable. Be warned though, these dry quickly so you have to act fast if you make a mistake.

Longevity: Since these are pretty thin and they dry down so matte, they last forever on my lips! These are my current go to lip colors if I need the color to last all day with no touch ups.

Color Payoff: The darker shade can be a tiny bit patchy with the first swipe, but after another layer it becomes opaque.

Color Range: These are a pretty new brand, so I cannot complain about the small color range, but Kylie has been coming out with new shades pretty consistently, so I am sure this time next year the range will have doubled at least!

Candy K


Dolce K


True Brown K


Kat Von D Everlasting Liquid Lipstick $20.00


Formula: These are very thin and watery, and they dry down fully matte almost instantly.

Dryness: These can feel very dry on my lips, but not so much so that I can’t wear them.

Longevity: Once these dry down, you basically need a belt sander to remove them. These last the longest on me out of any lip product I own, hands down.

Color Payoff: Some of the darker shades can be a little patchy, but the pinker shades are very pigmented and opaque on me with just two coats.

Color Range: KVD has a pretty extensive range of colors, and they go from nudes to dark blue and black, so there is a shade for everyone.

Lolita II


Double Dare




Sephora Cream Lip Stain $14.00


Formula: This formula is somewhere between watery and a mousse texture. It goes on very smoothly but it isn’t too thick.

Dryness: This dries down matte but doesn’t leave my lips dehydrated and gross.

Longevity: This lasts all day on me, and I don’t ever need to reapply throughout the day.

Color Payoff: This is such a rich, pigmented color and it never looks streaky or patchy on me. I cannot speak for any of the other shades though since I only own this one.

Color Range: I wish Sephora would expand this range since so many people adore this formula. There could be more nudes and lighter pinks that would work for every day wear.

Marvelous Mauve


theBalm Meet Matte Hughes $17.00


Formula: These are both watery and thick somehow at the same time. The darker shade is a bit thinner than the other, but perhaps that’s because it is full size.

Dryness: These are a tiny bit drying if I put them straight on my lips, but when I wear a primer or lip liner then they are pretty comfortable.

Longevity: These lasts a pretty long while on me, unless I eat a lot. When I eat these tend to flake off a bit on the center of my lips.

Color Payoff: I find the lighter shade (Committed) is smoother and less patchy on me than the darker color, but both look great after two coats.

Color Range: These have a pretty wide range of wearable colors, but none too crazy or fun.





L.A. Splash Lip Couture $14.00


Formula: These are very watery, and are truly a “liquid” lipstick. These can be a little difficult to work with because they are so thin and they dry so quickly, so once you make a mistake it is very hard to correct it.

Dryness: These dry down very fast and are very thin, so if you really cannot stand a dry lipstick, don’t spend your money on these.

Longevity: Because these are so dry, they last a very long time. The darker shades even leave a bit of a stain so when they do eventually begin to fade, it looks a bit more natural.

Color Payoff: These are very pigmented considering how watery they are and don’t apply streaky like some more watery formulas do.

Color Range: There are a lot of different colors available, both every day wearable and more daring shades.

Innocent Vixen


Rose Garden


Latte Confessions


Colourpop Ultra Matte Lip $6.00


Formula: These are extremely watery and runny, but I have heard that some of the newer shades have a different formula.

Dryness: These are very drying to me, and are unwearable to some because of this. I am not really bothered by it, as a bit of dryness is okay for me.

Longevity: These last a very long time on me because of how crazy thin the consistency is. They can fade a little bit throughout the day, but they do not get crumbly or flaky on me.

Color Payoff: These are kind of hit or miss when it comes to color payoff and patchiness. All of them though, after a few coats, look even and pigmented.

Color Range: There are so many different shades available, and Colourpop is always adding new shades through seasonal releases and collaborations.













LimeCrime Velvetines $20.00


Formula: These have a similar formula to the Colourpop Ultra Mattes, very thin and runny. I find that these dry a little bit slower so they are easier to work with.

Dryness: These, despite being thin, do not dry out my lips too much and feel pretty comfortable.

Longevity: These are right up there with my KVD lipsticks in wear time. These are next to impossible to take off without an oil based make up remover. Wicked leaves a very dark stain on my lips, so when it begins to wear off, the color looks just as vibrant.

Color Payoff: These go on a bit patchy at first, but look uniform and even after two coats.

Color Range: Lime Crime is always coming out with new shades, both wearable and wacky.





NYX Liquid Suede Cream Lipstick $6.99


Formula: These have a thick, almost glossy feel to them. On me they do not ever fully dry down to a transfer proof matte.

Dryness: Since these do not fully dry down, they are pretty comfortable on the lips.

Longevity: These do not last very long on me because they are easily smeared and removed while eating or drinking.

Color Payoff: These are very pigmented and do not apply patchy at all.

Color Range: There are not a lot of nudes or pinks in this product range, but they are about to release a lot more colors sometime soon.

Soft Spoken


Orange County


Kitten Heel


NYX Lip Lingerie Liquid Lipstick $6.99


Formula: These have a very moussey, almost clumpy texture that I find very difficult to work with.

Dryness: These can be a bit drying and uncomfortable on my lips.

Longevity: Honestly, I always remove these a few hours in because of how weird they feel on my lips so I cannot really speak to how long they last without removing them.

Color Payoff: These apply very clump and patchy on my lips. I don’t know if I got two duds or what but I really do not care for these.

Color Range: The entire range of this line is just light to dark nudes, browns and pinks.

Ruffle Trim




Too Faced Melted Liquified Long Wear Lipstick $21.00


Formula: These have an odd, almost oily formula that separates in the tube if I don’t use them for a while.

Dryness: These do not dry down on my lips so they aren’t drying at all.

Longevity: These do not last long on my lips at all. They last about as long as a lipgloss.

Color Payoff: These have a pretty nice color pay off as long as I shake the tube, otherwise they separate on my lips and look awful.

Color Range: They have a lot of different colors, and they often add new ones.

Melted Nude


Melted Chihuahua


Melted Berry


NYX Soft Matte Lip Cream $5.99


Formula: These have a very dry, mousse-like texture that never fully dries down to a matte finish.

Dryness: Even though these don’t fully dry down, they still dry out my lips like crazy and settle into all my fine lines.

Longevity: These last two seconds on my lips. They transfer onto everything, including my teeth, and if they do last longer than half an hour, they begin to crumble off and get all over my chin. Not cute.

Color Payoff: These can come out kind of clumpy, so it takes a lot of effort to get a good even coat.

Color Range: There are a lot of different shades in this range, and NYX is always coming out with more.

San Paulo




Sorry if this seemed a bit repetitive, but there is only so many different ways to describe a liquid lipstick! Let me know your favorites, how they perform, and if you agree with any of my opinions or not! Thanks for reading!!

Glowingly yours,


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