Weekend Inspiration: Kate Bosworth

With summer beginning, I find myself inspired by women like Kate Bosworth: subtle, effortless, youthful beauty. With her badass heterochormia, flawless skin, and perfect pout, Kate is everything I want to be this summer. I love the whole bold lip, naked eyes look that she pulls off so well. With eyes like hers, I wouldn’t want to cover them up at all either.

Besides her obvious beauty, Bosworth just seems plain cool. Growing up an incredible equestrian on the east coast gave way to her first role (a director requested someone already well versed in horse back riding on the set of The Horse Whisperer). Soon she found herself moving to Los Angeles and picking up role after role until her rise to stardom in the 2002 surfing film Blue Crush. She has gone on to design a jewelry line, sing a television jingle or two, and model for high end fashion houses. She is a do-it-all kind of gal, and seems to fit into whatever hat she chooses to wear that day. She is grace personified, and she gives all of us brunettes blonde envy.

No one pulls of a luscious, fruit inspired pout even half as well. This summer I am vowing to ditch the eye shadow and contouring and instead rely solely on a bright, glossy lip to carry my look.


Even with a structured brow and blush alone, she looks fresh faced and young. I mean, I couldn’t tell you how old she was if my life depended on it.


Every now and then though, Kate will ditch the nude eye look for something a little more intense and exciting, and she still looks unique and stunning.


Let me know your current inspiration, be it a who, what, or where. Thanks for reading!!

Glowingly yours,


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