My Daily Skin Care Routine

Just these past few months have I been really dedicated to keeping my skin happy and healthy, and it has made all the difference in my confidence and make up application. Make up is so much easier and more fun to apply when I am not trying to conceal my whole face. I am much happier without make up on as well, and I can feel beautiful no matter what I am wearing. The thing I have found that has made the most difference is not how expensive the product is, but how consistent I am with following my routine. For reference, my skin is pretty sensitive, and can get dried out easily. I have the occasional break out, especially when I am stressed. I get very painful cystic acne around my chin and nose about once every two months or so. I have large pores around my nose, and I get oily between my eyes and on my forehead. These are the products I use to keep my skin looking balanced and clear. Let’s get started!


Step 1: Wash My Face



Fresh Soy Face Cleanser $15.00-$38.00

Glossier Milky Jelly Cleanser $18.00

I never used to wash my face in the morning, only at night sometimes, and I think it makes a big difference in the way my make up applies. I love using the Fresh cleanser because it is light and smells like cucumbers, which really wakes my face up in the morning. When my skin is feeling dry, I opt instead for my Glossier cleanser because it is much thicker and doesn’t foam up at all. It leaves my face feeling very hydrated and plump.

Step 2: Facial Spray


Glossier Soothing Face Mist $18.00

Next I like to spray my face with this Glossier spray. It feels so refreshing and leaves a lovely rose scent. I want to try out some different sprays in the future because I just recently added this step to my every day routine. I usually wait about five minutes for this to fully soak in and dry on my skin before moving on.

Step 3: Moisturize


Glossier Priming Moisturizer $25.00

Embryolisse Lait-Creme Concentre $16.00-$28.00

Olay Complete All Day Moisturizer SPF 30 Sensitive $12.99

Moisturizing is the most important step to me in the morning, especially if I plan on putting make up on. I used to think that because my skin was oily, I should avoid moisturizers all together because I didn’t want to add any more shine. I was so wrong. I have three creams that I rotate between every morning. I love using the Glossier moisturizer when I am going to wear make up immediately after because it works great as a primer. I use the Embryolisse when my skin is feeling extra irritated or dry because it is so soothing and hydrating without looking greasy. Pretty much day to day when my skin is feeling normal I use the Olay because it is hydrating and cheap!

Step 4: Eye Cream


Neutrogena Healthy Skin Eye Cream $12.29

In the morning I am okay with using pretty much any eye cream as long as it is moisturizing because if I want to put eye make up on I need to make sure my lids aren’t dry. I love using the Healthy Skin because it is super lightweight but also hydrating and it keeps my lids from getting dry and flaky all day. Whenever I get a new sample of eye cream I’ll usually test it out in the morning.


Step 1: Remove Make Up


Bioderma Sensibio H2O $6.95-$16.95

Philosophy Just Release Me Dual-Phase Oil-Free Make Up Remover $19.00

I used to just fall asleep in my make up or just barely rinse it off with water, and I am kicking myself over it. There is nothing worse for your skin than keeping your make up on when you sleep. Nowadays I make sure that every last bit of make up is off my face before I sleep, and my skin has improved drastically because of this. I also make sure to get all my mascara off, because when I don’t I notice more of my lashes falling out. The Bioderma is something that everyone should at least try. It is a micellar water so it isn’t oily at all, it honestly just feels like water on your face. I usually pour some on a cotton round then lightly wipe all around my face, making sure to get my neck and hairline as well. For my eyes (when I have eyeliner and mascara on) I love the Philosophy remover. It removes every trace of make up without me needing to scrub and tug at my eyes and lashes. And you can basically pour it directly into your eye and it won’t hurt at all.

Step 2: Wash My Face


Philosophy Purity Made Simple $11.00-$55.00

This face wash is heaven, and I don’t know what I did without it all these years. It not only smells and feels amazing, it really clears any leftover make up from my face. This cleanser does foam up, which usually makes my skin dry and irritated, but this is so gentle it just leaves me feeling fresh and clean. If you have very sensitive skin and haven’t found a cleanser that works for you, give this a shot! I like that you can buy a small version of it for only $11 so you can try it out without spending a lot.

Step 3: Toner


Kiehl’s Cucumber Herbal Alcohol Free Toner $16.00-$27.00

I always avoided toners and tonics because they left my skin dry and red, but then I saw Kathleen Lights talk about this one, and she has even more sensitive skin than I do. This smells amazing and feels even better on my skin. It really balances out my skin and leaves it soft and refreshed. Toner is very important for returning some balance to your skin after a cleanser has washed everything away, even the things your face needs to stay healthy. If you have avoided toners because of dry or sensitive skin, give this a shot. Kiehl’s is probably my favorite skin care company because all of their products are gentle and they really work! They aren’t cheap by any means but they are much more affordable than many products on the market that have the same natural ingredients.

Step 4: Serum


Drunk Elephant T.L.C Framboos Glycolic Night Serum $90.00

This is my absolute favorite part of my skin care routine, and it makes me sad that I can only use this 3 times a week. This is by far the most expensive part of my routine, but the one thing that has shown the most impressive results. This serum has changed the texture and the durability of my skin so drastically. It has minimized the pores around my nose and helped to fade a lot of the scars from my breakouts. Another thing I have noticed is that my skin heals ten times faster now that I use this. If I do have a break out, it is gone in a day or two, as opposed to four or six days like it used to be. There are a million different serums out there, so just really try and find one that works for your skin type and concerns, because they are usually a pretty penny! If I was made of money I would use this every night, but since I am not I will just settle for Monday, Wednesday and Friday.

Step 5: Eye Cream


Kiehl’s Midnight Recovery Eye Cream $37.00

This is the only eye cream that I truly swear by, because it really has made a difference for my dark under eye circles. I dab a tiny amount of this under each eye then let it soak in for about 15 minutes before adding anything else to my face. This stuff is pretty pricey, but to me it is worth every penny. The skin around the eyes is so thin and delicate, it really needs to be taken care of if you want to avoid signs of aging and discoloration. I much prefer spending my money on a night eye cream than a day one though because it works while I sleep which is when the skin does most of its healing.

Step 6: Night Cream


Origin’s High Potency Night-A-Mins Mineral Enriched Renewal Cream $43.00

There is nothing better for your skin than a luxurious, thick night time moisturizer. I can see a noticeable difference in my skin when I forget to use this cream. When I use this, I wake up the next morning with plump, hydrated skin. The best part about this cream is that it not only quenches my dry skin, it also prevents breakouts and clears any blemishes I have.

Step 7: Spot Treatment


Mario Badescu Drying Cream $17.00

I have tried every spot treatment out there, and nothing has made any difference for me. I decided to try out some drying creams, and they are the only thing that worked on my blemishes. I use a tiny spot of this cream on any breakouts and the next morning they are noticeably smaller and less raised. It can leave my skin a little dry, but nothing a little moisturizer can’t handle.

Let me know you skin care must haves! Thanks for reading!!

Glowingly yours,


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