Brand On The Rise: Girlactik Beauty

Girlactik was a brand that really surprised me with how quickly it came onto the scene. I had never heard of it and then suddenly I needed to find their Matte Lip Paints for my collection. Oddly enough, the first time I saw them was at my local Rite Aid when it was all redone, but I don’t think it is usually in drugstores. It is much pricier than drugstore brands, so I was very confused to see it there. I believe that most people buy their Girlactik products online, but I could be wrong. Let me know if you’ve seen it anywhere!

So over the past few months I have fallen in love with the brand and more of their products as I branched out from the liquid lipsticks. They have stunning packaging on their compact powders (I am a sucker for purple and silver) and most of their items come with a very large amount of product. I really think that as their fan base grows, so will their range of make up and availability, and I want to get ahead of the curve on this one, and so should you.


Matte Bronzer in Casablanca $26.00


I walked into the store hoping to get my hands on the highly sought after bronzer in Cabo, but they were all sold out (as usual), so I opted for Cabo’s darker sister Casablanca, and I am not disappointed at all. This has a very neutral undertone on me, which is great because a lot of bronzers pull too warm and red on me. This powder is so finely milled, it feels like silk on the face. I haven’t worn this all day yet, so I can’t speak to how long it lasts or how well it fades, but I will update.

Face Glow in Natural $25.00


This was my first face product from the brand, and it completely blew me away. Not only is the pan huge (more bang for your buck), the color and sheen it left on my face was stunning. No chunky glitter or settling into pores, just dewy goodness. You can use just a touch of this highlight for a really natural looking glow, or pile it on to look like an ice queen, it’s up to you.


Eye Shadow in Pearls $19.00


“matte nude pink”

The thing I probably love most about these eye shadows is just how amazingly huge the pan is. I will never run out of this. I deported these into a Z-Palette because they were almost too big to fit with the rest of my single shadows. This one, as you can see, suffered a bit of damage during the move, but it still works just the same. I love using this as a transition shade for my cooler eye looks.

Eye Shadow in Skin $19.00


“matte tan brown”

This is the warm transition shade of my dreams, and I cannot get enough of it. This blends so beautifully, and looks great alone in the crease or all over to pull a look together. These shadows, no matter the primer used, last forever on my eye lids, and they look vibrant all day or night.

Sparkle Eyeliner in Antique Gold $11.00


I saw this and had to grab it because I have been wanting to try a loose glitter forever, but never found the right one. I have very sensitive eyes so I am a bit scared to try this out, but once I do I will update. I love the packing on this, and the glitter is very tiny and seems easier than most glitters to work with. Girlactik also sells a sticky pearl base that can be bought with this, but I have a few glitter glues already so I passed on it.



I absolutely adore these liquid lipsticks. If you read my mega post comparing all my liquid lipsticks formulas, you would remember that I had this as my number one favorite. They are just thick and moussey enough to not be drying, but thin enough to dry down to a full matte finish. These last all day on my lips without flaking off or fading patchy. If you have dry lips, these will be your best friend! I have four colors, and I really hope to add some more to my collection soon.

Matte Lip Paint in Bashful $23.00


Matte Lip Paint in Posh $23.00


Matte Lip Paint in Allure $23.00


Matte Lip Paint in Demure $23.00


Let me know if you have any Girlactik products, and your thoughts on them! Thanks for reading!!

Glowingly yours,



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