What’s In My Purse?



I am rarely found without my phone. While I am not a huge into texting, I am always on Instagram and Snapchat, which are really great for following beauty gurus and brands. I love staying up to date on product releases and collabs, and I spend my down time watching every youtube tutorial I can find.

Cocoa Butter Stick

Most lip balms and chapsticks leave my lips feeling waxy and dry after a few minutes, and I end up needing to reapply them every 20 minutes. I much prefer these jumbo sticks because they smell amazing, keep my lips soft, and I can put them anywhere I am needing a little extra moisture. I have been using the Palmer’s Cocoa Butter Formula Swivel Sticks for most of my life, and I don’t plan on ever giving them up.

Lip Gloss

I much prefer carrying a lip gloss with me over a lipstick, as a gloss is just so much easier to apply on the go without a mirror. I tend to keep sheerer glosses like the NYX Butter Glosses or the Buxom Full On Lip Creams. Even when I am not wearing make up, I can throw on a gloss and it really cleans up a look.

Blotting Papers

I tend to get very oily between my eyes throughout the day, and I hate constantly reapplying powder as it tends to cake up. A great alternative to piling on more make up is a nice blotting sheet! I love my Tatcha Aburatorigami Japanese Beauty Papers, they work so quickly and they can be used multiple times before being thrown away.

Eye Drops

There are so many different ways to use eye drops, I personally use them to refresh dry, red eyes and to reduce any red spots on my face quickly. Any kind of redness or irritation reducing drops will do, and they are usually very cheap and small.

Hair Clips/Bands/ Bobby Pins

I have very long, heavy, naturally straight hair. While I do love wearing it down, it can very easily get in my way, so I often find myself throwing it up in a messy bun or ponytail. I always have a few black hair bands, a small clip and a few bobby pins on me just in case I want to get my hair out of my face.

Hand Sanitizer

I pet every dog I come across. I open doors, grab railings and steady myself against walls. I then tend to bite my nails, touch my face and tousle my hair. I constantly use hand sanitizer to make sure all the germs and nasty things from the outside world don’t make it on or into my body. Because these can be a little drying, I always carry some:

Hand Cream

Nothing calms me quite like rubbing in a soft scented hand cream.  My hands get very dry, especially when I travel or spend all day outside, so I need to have something hydrating and softening on me at all times.


I always keep some Ibuprofen and Dramamine on me for the occasional head ache and motion sickness. I have always gotten carsick very easily, and nothing works better or faster than Dramamine. If I am traveling I will sometimes bring Emergen-C and some Sudafed with me just in case.

Ray Bans

When it comes to eye wear, I have never loved and used a pair of sunglasses like my classic black Wayfarers. They are simple, they match anything and everything, and they stay on my face and never stretch even after years of using them to hold my hair back. If I am outside squinting, I instantly get a horrible headache and my whole mood shifts, so I always like to have sunglasses on me. Especially for long car trips, I need a pair that are comfortable enough to wear for 7 hours straight.


I have a million tiny perfume samples from various Sephora orders, so I always like to keep a few in my purse if I find myself wanting to smell extra nice. I rarely wear perfume day to day, mostly when I go out or dress up, but sometimes if I am going to be sitting close to someone or might get sweaty, it’s nice to have a nice smell on hand.

Nail File

I sometimes chew my nails, and when I do they can become sharp and scratchy. To keep myself from scratching my face by accident, I like to keep a nail file handy to smooth out the edges.

Band Aids

Nothing bothers me more than a bad hang nail or paper cut, so I like to keep these around to keep any cuts clean and safe. I like the smaller, cloth materials as they stay longer and feel more comfortable on my skin.


I have been obsessed with sunscreen lately, it is so important and people don’t wear nearly enough of it. I like to keep a little travel size sunscreen in my purse when I feel the need to reapply. My boyfriend has very fair skin and never lathers up, so sometimes I have to force it on him.


I like to draw inspiration from my every day life. The things I see and hear all influence my posts and beauty choices, so I like to keep a little journal handy for those sudden ideas. I have various post ideas, product lists and other random things in these pages, and I love sitting in bed at the end of the day and re-reading what inspired me that day.

Let me know what’s sitting in your purse, and why you think it’s a necessity! Thanks for reading!!

Glowingly yours,




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