Kylie Cosmetics Metal Mattes Bundle

I bought these on a whim when I saw one of Kylie’s many restocks. I had my eye on the shade Heir, but when I got to the site it had already sold out. I decided to just buy the set of three as it was much cheaper and I thought trying out a few metallic lipsticks would be fun. I think that metallic liquid lipsticks are going to be very big this summer, and a few brands have already come out with some. I really love the Kylie Lip Kit liquid lipstick formula, so I figured these would be similar.

Heir $18.00


“pinkish gold metallic”

This was the shade I was really after, and I have to say it is really stunning. It is a lot more subtle than I imagined, which is actually a goo thing as I can see myself wearing it more. I was surprised by how matte these were underneath all the sparkle. This is very comfortable on the lips and doesn’t fade or flake off on me. While wearing this alone might be a little extreme for most, I find that adding this to the center of a fully matte liquid lipstick gives a really cool, highlighted effect. I have combined this with Kylie’s Lip Kit in the color Candy K, and it looks really cool.

King K $18.00


“soft metallic gold”

I was super excited for this as I believe everyone should have a ridiculously intense gold lip color in their collection. Who knows when you’ll need it? All over the lips is a little too much for me, so I will most likely be using this patted lightly over another color to give some shine and dimension.

Reign $18.00


“bronzy copper metallic”

This is such a stunning color, I cannot wait to wear this in the winter, maybe even for Christmas dinner. This shade is both metallic and muted in an odd way that makes it the most wearable of the three for me. I think this would look amazing with a black winged liner and velvety skin. I think that this shade would really compliment darker skin tones as well.

All in all I really liked these. The formula is long wearing and comfortable, the colors are opaque and beautiful, and the metallic-ness is the perfect combo of crazy and interesting. Let me know how you feel about the new metallic lipstick trend, and what your favorite ones are. Thanks for reading!!

Glowingly yours,



    1. jessicathorneh

      Haha I know its so crazy how fast they go! Honestly I just have my computer ready and add everything I can to my cart, and by the time I have all my payment and shipping info filled out, half of the stuff in my cart is sold out. Some people have said that certain browsers have autofill which cuts the time in half, maybe try that out!

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