Product Spotlight: Make Up For Ever Foundations

When it comes to foundation, I feel that Make Up For Ever can do no wrong. I have yet to find a foundation that photographs even half as well. The entire brand feels very professional and practical. Rarely do they seem to fall into fads, leaning more towards filling out their line with things that everyone will always want and need. They are a favorite for make up artists, and I can see why.

I wanted to do a quick post reviewing my three foundations from MUFE, going from the fullest coverage to the lightest. Let’s get started!

Ultra HD Invisible Cover Stick Foundation $43.00


I was on the fence about buying this product, because I have found that stick/cream foundations tend to look too thick and cakey on my skin. After reading a bunch of reviews though, it seemed like this product was different from the rest. While I think $43 is a little steep for something so small, I bit the bullet due to my love of everything MUFE. I love using this on days when I need a little more coverage, but don’t want my face to feel heavy. Once I blend this in, I cannot feel it on my face at all. If you are looking for more opaque coverage, give this a try.

Ultra HD Invisible Cover Foundation $43.00


This was my first venture into MUFE, and it has been a favorite of mine ever since. I have stuck with this foundation through reformulations and packaging changes, and I don’t plan on letting it go anytime soon. This is the perfect level of coverage for me, not too heavy, but enough to even everything out and give me a perfect, airbrushed look. This never clings to any dry spots or cakes up around my nose. My favorite way to apply this is with a damp beauty blender. I always wear this foundation when I plan on being photographed, as it looks really stunning in pictures.

Face & Body Liquid Make Up Foundation $43.00


This foundation is the thinnest, most watery of the three, with the least amount of coverage. I usually find low coverage foundations almost useless, but this is just perfect. This evens out my skin tone without making my skin look flat. I hear rumors that they are discontinuing this foundation, and that makes my heart break. I hope if it is true they are replacing it with something even better (but that never happens does it?). My one piece of advice with this foundation though is to use a brush instead of a sponge, because since it is so thin, a sponge will suck most of it up without depositing it on your face.

I have been wanting to try their other popular foundation, Mat Velvet, as I am a lover of all things matte. If you have tried it let me know your thoughts! Thanks for reading!!

Glowingly yours,


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