NARS The Multiple in Orgasm

NARS The Multiple


This is another product I have held onto for a while now. I bought this because I love the blush shade Orgasm, but wanted to try something in a cream finish. Maybe I bought it because I am a slave to the matte black NARS packaging, who knows? After falling in love with this, I find myself wanting to try some of the lighter shades to use as a highlight.


I chose the classic shade Orgasm, which is described as a “peachy pink shimmer.” This, to me, is the perfect blush shade. I always find myself reaching for anything peachy and glowy, especially in the spring and summer. I find that these colors tend to compliment a huge range of skin tones and undertones, and it is hard to look clownish in such a light hue.



This product is $9 more expensive than the NARS powder blushes, but I’ve found that my cream products tend to last longer, so I can understand the price difference.

Product Amount

0.50 oz

While this might not seem like much, it’s more than enough to last a year or more, at least for me.


Because this is a cream product, it lasts forever on my skin. If I put this down, then go over with a powder blush, my cheeks will look rosy until I decide to scrub them off!

Let me know your favorite NARS cheek colors, or if you’ve tried any of the cream sticks and your thoughts on them!

Glowingly yours,



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