July Boxy Charm 2016

Modern Merbabe


So this months box technically only had four items, but one of them had many parts which I will explain later on in this post. After watching a few videos of people unboxing theirs, I felt kind of meh about getting mine. Once I actually opened it though, I changed my mind a bit. Let’s get started!

PYT Oil Treatment $30.00


I have been really into hair oils lately, because I just redid some of the blonde in my hair, which always dries it out, so I love slathering on some oil right out of the shower. This seems pretty pricey for such a small bottle, but argan oil does always seem to come with a high price tag. I will start using this after I shower, and I will update on whether or not it makes my hair greasy or weighs it down (as some oils tend to do).

Noyah Lip Gloss in Malbec $16.00


I instantly fell in love with the packaging of this lip gloss. How cute are those little flowers?! The color itself is very bright and out there, but I actually quite like it. The formula is pretty opaque, and it doesn’t feel too sticky or tacky on the lips. It doesn’t settle into the lines of my lips at all. I have never heard of this brand, but I will maybe consider purchasing more products, if only for the detailed art on the packaging!

Mally Beauty Rounded Blender Brush $15.00


So subscribers either got this or an eyeliner from the same brand, and I am happy I got the brush. I am always in the market for more blending brushes, and not so much in the market for sparkly ice blue liner (that by the looks of some review videos, is nothing to write home about). The bristles feel very soft, and synthetic, so hopefully this will work great with cream shadows as well. I included a picture of it next to the cult classic blending brush, the MAC 217, so you could get a good idea of the size.

Ofra Cosmetics Professional Magnetic Palette $59.00


So this is the final item(s) that I mentioned in the beginning of this post. I was very torn about receiving this when I saw Kathleen Light’s unboxing video. Half of me (the half that hoards eye shadows like a crazy person) couldn’t wait to add six more to my collection, but the other half of me was completely over seeing Ofra products. Don’t get me wrong, I love the brand, and their products have yet to let me down, but I subscribe to Boxy Charm to find new, unique brands and products. I’m not saying I never want to see Ofra again, but maybe go a few boxes without including them.

Anyway, let me tell you about the shadows themselves. There are three shimmer and three matte shades, all in pretty neutral colors that work for every day use.


This was the color that first caught my eye, as I can never get enough of warm shimmery browns. This shade is very pigmented, and has minimal fallout. I will most likely use this in my crease in the outer corner to deepen up eye looks.


This looks a lot less yellow in person, so I plan on using it to set my eye primer and even out my lids before adding any colors. This is very buttery and doesn’t apply patchy.


This color swatches much darker than it looks in the pan. This is a very cool toned grey that would go great in the crease with blues and silvers.


This shadow has a black base with a bunch of silvery blue shimmer throughout it. I plan on using this in conjunction with Smoke to create a very intense smokey eye.


This is probably my favorite shadow of the bunch, as I see myself using it the most. This is a great transition/crease shade for every day looks. This blends very nicely and evenly.

Millennium Gold

This shadow is very sheer, and looks nice all over the lid for every day wear. I also plan on patting this over a darker shadow in the center of my eye as a pop of color.

Let me know what you got in your box and what your thoughts are! How do you feel about Ofra?

Want to sign up for Boxy Charm? Use my link here!

Glowingly yours,



  1. Haley

    This looks like a great box! I’ve been holding off on subscription boxes because I have been trying to keep my stash under control and not collect too much “stuff”…but I keep seeing everyone’s fantastic posts and its making me reconsider. Do you usually keep everything? Do you find that it ends up cluttering your space?


    1. jessicathorneh

      Hey! I have tried out a few different boxes, and Boxy Charm is by far my favorite! Of all the boxes I’ve had, I always find myself using the things I get from Boxycharm. Because most of the items are small products or sample sizes, I rarely find it taking up too much space! If you are interested in trying out new products before committing to a full size, I would bite the bullet and subscribe! Another great box to try would be the Sephora Play! box. You have to wait a few months on a waiting list for that one, but you are guaranteed to get high end products every time because it is all from Sephora.


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