Colourpop Super Shock Shadow in Blaze

Colourpop Super Shock Shadow


Welcome to another Colourpop eyeshadow review post! Let’s get started!



“coco bronze sprinkled with multi-dimensional glitter in a metallic finish”

This is another Kathleen Lights shadow, from her “Where The Light Is” collection. My favorite part about this shadow is how well the glitter actually sticks. With a lot of glitter-packed shadows, they glitter falls away as soon as I start to blend, and usually ends up all over my cheeks. The base of this shadows hold onto the sparkles so well, leaving it only where I decide to put it. This is a great all over the lid, stand alone color, and I am a firm believer in never having enough of those. This can be blended out to a subtle bronze glow or pack on for a molten metal look.



Again, the best price out there! Even a lot cheaper than most drugstore single shadows!

Product Amount

0.07 oz

For some reason, this one shadow has a bit more than some of the others, but not much.

Let me know your thoughts!

Glowingly yours,



  1. Haley

    This looks like it really would be the perfect all-over-lid shade. Normally I don’t love the cream-type consistency of colourpop shadows but I think you are right, powder eyeshadows tend to do a crap job with glitter shades! Beautiful swatch– thanks for posting!



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