LORAC Pro Matte Eye Shadow Palette

LORAC Pro Matte Eye Shadow Palette


This is one of my favorite eye shadow palettes when it comes to neutrals. LORAC shadows have, in my opinion, one of the best formulas on the market. They are super buttery and blendable, and they show up pigmented no matter what primer you use underneath. Because they are so finely milled, they do have a lot of kick-up when you first put your brush in, but that has never really been something that bothered me. The Pro line is always expanding, and I am sure I will continue to buy them, because they never disappoint me! Anyway, let’s get into the review!



I love using this shade all over the lid up to my brow bone to set whatever cream shadow or primer I just put down. This is a tiny bit darker than my lid, so it makes a really pretty base for whatever shade I want to be the main focus.


This is one of my favorite transition shades to use with any eye looks that incorporate browns or greens. This is such a subtle difference from my normal skin tone, which makes it perfect to help blend everything out and get rid of any harsh lines from darker shadows.


There are two deeps browns in this palette, and this is the warmer of the two. I use this in the outer V of my eye to deepen up looks, or pushed onto my lash line to soften up any harsh liner and to make everything look very blown out and smokey.


This is the more neutral/cooler brown, and I really only find myself using this as an alternative for actual eyeliner. Sometimes I don’t want to spend time getting a perfect line with liner, so I just press some of this as close to my lashes as possible and call it a day!


This is probably my least used of all the shades, because white shadow tends to settle into any tiny lines I have around my eyes. When I do use this, I dust a tiny bit under my brow bone as a subtle highlight to lift my brow.

Pink Mauve

This is my most used shade from the whole palette, and one of my favorite colors! It is the perfect dusty rose shade, not too pink, not too brown. I love using this in my crease because it goes so beautifully with all different kinds of eye looks. I wish LORAC would make single shadows, because I would buy this in a heartbeat!


I love this shade, and wish I had the guts to use it more often! This is such a stunning reddish brown with the tiniest hint of purple. I am going to try doing a look soon using this all over the lid. As of yet I only use this in the outer corners to deepen up looks.

Jet Black

Every palette, in my opinion, needs a good matte black to round it out. I use black to dust in the outer corners, to soften up gel liner, and to fill in any gaps between my upper lashes. This black is very pigmented and dark, and doesn’t just fall away when you start to buff it in with other colors.



This palette is pretty small, but I think this price is fair considering how exceptional the shadow quality is. You get 8 shadows, all in versatile mattes that can be used for almost any skin tone.

Let me know your go-to neutral shadows, or your thoughts on LORAC shadows in general!

Glowingly yours,



    1. jessicathorneh

      Thank you! No I have really wanted to try out the metals because LORAC makes my favorite shadows. Have you tried the metals? If so how are they?


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