Glossier Balm Dot Com Trio

Glossier Balm Dot Com Trio $30.00


And the love affair with Glossier continues….

After using the original Balm Dot Com daily, I wanted to try some of the flavored ones as well. There was a deal at the time to buy the trio for only $30, so I figured why not? The set contains three different colors/flavors. I have used each of these multiple times since buying them, so I can include a brief review!



This is the only balm from the trio that does not have a tint, so it’s perfect for everyday use. This has a very intense mint scent and taste (because let’s be honest, we all end up eating a bit of our lip balm), so much so that it is a tiny bit overwhelming at first. Once on the lips though, the scent fades enough to be enjoyable.



This is probably my favorite of the three, mostly because of the tint it gives my lips. This has a subtle red color to it, making the lips look plump and ‘just bitten’ without looking like you just swiped on some lipstick. The flavor is very sweet, like a cherry starburst! I brought this in my purse with me to a music festival and found it so easy to apply throughout the day without a mirror.



Anything rose scented catches my eye, and this is no exception. This gives a very slight baby pink tint to the lips, and the scent is very relaxing to me. Be warned though, if you do not like floral scents, steer clear of this one, because the scent does not fade quickly at all.

All in all, I loved this trio! Each one is different and I love picking one to throw in my purse depending on my mood! I hope Glossier continues to expand this Balm Dot Com line, because I will continue to purchase.

Let me know your favorite lip balms, tinted and untinted!

Glowingly yours,


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