Anastasia Beverly Hills Modern Renaissance Eyeshadow Palette

Modern Renaissance


I have been holding off on doing a review of this palette until all of the hype surrounding it died down. People went crazy when this released, and I wanted to give myself some time to really fall in love with it instead of just falling into the craze. Now that I have played around with it, I can truly say this is one of my top favorite eye shadow palettes.

I have never tried any Anastasia shadows before, so I really had no idea what to expect. I had heard that these shadows were pretty powdery and had a lot of kick up, which is something that doesn’t bother me (looking at you LORAC Pro). I can admit that when you dip your brush in, there is a lot of kick up, but it doesn’t translate to the lid. The only downside to the kick up is the fact that you might hit pan on some of these shades early.

Let’s get into my individual shade reviews!




This shade is my new go to brow bone highlight. It is just the right shade and finish to pull up my brows without looking like an awkward white stripe above my shadow. This also functions as a beautiful, subtle inner corner highlight.

Golden Ochre

“earthy yellow”

This is such an odd, amazing shade. I have nothing like this in my collection, and that’s saying something. I love using this in my crease to pull a look together.


“iridescent shell”

I love palettes that include a color like this. I enjoy building looks around a shiny pink inner eye, there are very shades that don’t match well with it! This doesn’t come off as too frosty or ridiculous looking, it gives a more fluid, iridescence to the lid.

Buon Fresco

“antique lavender”

This is one of my favorite shades in the palette. I will always be a sucker for a cool toned dusty rose/lavender. I use this in my crease and outer corner for a really pretty, dusky smokey eye.

Antique Bronze

“metallic sable”

This is my favorite color in the whole palette for sure. I just love how unique this shade is! I have been using the as an all over lid shade and dusted in the outer corner to deepen up a lighter look.

Love Letter


This is the shade in the palette that your eye immediately goes to. I feel like the interest in this product was built upon this shade, as reddish pinks like this are very hard to get right. This is one of the more powdery shades from the palette, but the pigment is very intense and beautiful.

Cyprus Umber

“dark coffee”

I think a palette is pulled together by shades like this: neutral dark shades that are perfect for the crease and outer corner.

Raw Sienna

“neutral amber”

This is my current go to transition shade, it is perfect for any look! This blends really nicely and never goes on patchy.

Burnt Orange

“deep orange”

This is a warmer alternative to Raw Sienna, and can be used with some of the pinker/redder shades in the palette. I like using this mixed with Cyprus Umber in my outer corners


“shimmery gold”

This is a really stunning all over the lid shade or inner corner highlight. This blends really well into darker colors and really makes my green eyes pop.

Red Ochre


This is a really beautiful deep crimson color, and I have really been loving these hues lately. I like using a tiny bit of this on my outer corners to darken up a warm eye look.

Venetian Red


This looks more pink than crimson to me, but it is pretty either way! This is the shimmery sister to Love Letter, and they pair really well together.

Warm Taupe

“earthy gray”

This is a really nice transition/crease shade. This makes the palette feel very rounded out and practical.



This is another favorite shade of mine. This is such a stunning orange red, this looks so amazing in the crease paired with golds and coppers.

All in all, this palette really satisfies the needs of anyone who loves warm eye looks. I will definitely be looking more seriously at future ABH eye shadow palettes!

Let me know if you have this palette and your thoughts on it. Also let me know your favorite color combos to use!

Glowingly yours,




  1. Haley

    I ended up purchasing this palette and have absolutely no regrets (other than the fact that I have nowhere to wear crazy and bold eye looks outside the house!). I find that you can still get some gorgeous neutral eye looks with this palette and everything blends like a dream. Anastasia makes a great eyeshadow!

    Great review– I love how you broke it down shade by shade.


  2. jessicathorneh

    I totally agree! I love that I can build a pretty subtle, simple eye look from the shadows without having to commit to a crazy bright pink look! Thank you so much, I really feel that a palette is only as good as all it’s individual parts, so I don’t feel right saying I love or hate something without giving some detail!


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