Urban Decay Naked Basics Eye Shadow Palette

Urban Decay Naked Basics Eye Shadow Palette



This was my first UD shadow palette, and I have been loving it and using it often for about a year and a half now. The most appealing thing about this product to me is how small and compact it is. The packaging clicks shut and stays closed, making it perfect for traveling. About a year after this was released, UD came out with a second Naked Basics that I have yet to try, so if any of you have tried it let me know what you think!




“soft, off-white demi-matte”

Not really sure why this has the word ‘matte’ in the description, because it comes off as a satin/shimmer color. I don’t use this shade that often, but when I do I put it under my brow bone and on my inner corner to highlight.



“very light yellow/white matte”

I like to use this color all over my lid to set my primer before going in with any darker shades. This may be a tiny bit too yellow for some with a very pink undertone though. For anyone with a darker skin tone, this would look great as a brow bone highlight.

Walk Of Shame


“very light nude matte”

This is a really great, subtle transition shade. This color is pretty cool toned though, as is this whole palette so if you only like warm shades, this probably isn’t the shade for you.



“taupe matte”

This is my absolute favorite shadow from the palette! I have been searching for a single shadow to match this for ages. I love using this in my crease and outer corner with a really simple look. This really creates the perfect hollow effect, and it really gives a nice deeep effect to the eyes.



“warm, dusty brown matte”

Every palette needs a deep brown to use in the crease and outer corner. This shade is super pigmented and never applies patchy. This does have a bit of fallout though so I suggest using it before applying under eye concealer.



“deepest, darkest brown/black matte”

Another thing that really rounds out a palette is a matte black. I don’t use this color often, but it is really great to have. When I do reach for it, I mostly use it to smoke out my liner and fill in any gaps between my lashes.



This is pretty pricey for 6 shadows, but the quality is really exceptional so I can stomach the cost.

If you are looking for a great neutral, cool toned palette, this is perfect for you! Let me know your favorite Urban Decay shadow shades, and if you have a dupe for the shade Naked2, please let me know!

Glowingly yours,



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