L’Oreal Pure Clay Face Masks


I picked up two of the new L’Oreal Face Masks at my local CVS, and decided to try them out and review them for y’all! Right off the bat, there are things I love and hate about the packaging. The bottles are glass which feel very nice, heavy and high end despite being drugstore. The downside is that the labels do not tell you which product each is. Yes they are different colors, but no where does it say what it is supposed to do. Besides this though I really loved these masks!

Exfoliate & Refine


This mask is full of tiny little salts which exfoliate the skin without leaving it feeling torn up or irritated. I am not crazy about the color because I find it leaves a tiny red cast on my skin, but it doesn’t last long at all. This does dry down on your face after about 15 minutes, but it is easy to remove, no scrubbing required.

Purify & Mattify


This is my favorite of the two masks, because it makes my skin feel and look tighter and minimizes my pores. I do not suggest this for those with dry skin though, because this sucked up all the oil and residue on my skin very quickly. Because this is so strong, I would be very careful not to leave it on over the suggested 10-15 minutes, because this could really irritate the skin. Unlike the other mask, I will probably be using this an hour or so before applying my makeup because it looks like a face lift in a bottle!

All in all these masks impressed me for something that only costs $13.99 (and is usually on sale). There are few others in the collection that I will for sure be checking out soon!

Let me know your favorite face masks, the cheaper the better!

Glowingly yours,


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