Product Spotlight: MAC Pigments

MAC Multi-Use Pigment $22.00

These pigments are something MAC is known for. They come with a lot of product and can be used however and wherever you want. I am not a huge loose shadow person because they are crazy messy and can be hard to work with, but I will always make an exception for these.You can buy the full size which contains 0.1 oz of pigment, or you can get the travel size which comes with 0.09 oz. It should be noted though that not every shade comes in a to-go size.

To use these I just shake the closed bottle and dip my brush in the pigment that collects on the underside of the lid. These have a lot of fallout, so I really suggest using these before you put on your face make up so you can wipe the excess off.





“fleshy beige with pearl”

I picked this shade up because I though it would be the perfect all over the lid shade, and I was right! This has a slight shimmer to it, so it gives the eyes dimension without looking frosty or ridiculous. I use this all the time, and I have barely put a dent in it. I could apply this daily and I would still die of old age before I finished half the bottle.





“soft bright golden peach”

This is my only ‘to-go’ sized vial, and I wish I had gotten them all in this size. This shade is so amazing, it has a pink shift that looks stunning when it catches the light. I use this all over my lid or right in the center of a halo eye look. This also looks really beautiful patted over the center of the lips on top of a red or pink lipstick.

Rose Gold




“smooth, tarnished gold with a touch of rose”

This shade and Copper came together, and I guess the lids weren’t screwed on tight enough because about half of the powder from each had spilled all over the inside of the box. I would have been more mad had I thought I would ever be able to run out of any of this stuff. Anyway, this shade looks like actual molten fold on the lids. This is as close as I will ever come to having gold-plated eyelids.





“smooth, high shine copper”

This also looks like someone melted down a penny and poured it on my lids. I love using this on the outer half of my lid with Rose Gold blended into the inner corner. This shade is by no means subtle, so if you are in the marker for a simple wash of copper, look elsewhere.

Blue Brown




“brown with blue/green pearl”

This shade is the most unique in my collection. It is like having eight different eye shadows, because depending on how much you add, what color your base is and what else you blend in with it this shade always looks different. I have done entire eye looks with just this pigment and people don’t believe it isn’t 15 different colors! I love putting down a dark brown or black base on my lid and patting this on top for a shimmery, almost purple smokey eye.

Let me know your favorite MAC pigments and why you love them!

Glowingly yours,





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