Lime Crime Velveteens in Cashmere and Wicked

Lime Crime Velveteens


I have had these liquid lipsticks for over two years, and I have held off on ever making a post about it because of all the controversy surrounding Lime Crime and the owner Doe Deere. I’m not going to go into any of it, suffice to say she pulled some shady shit and isn’t an all around pleasant person to interact with. Since becoming aware of all the issues I have stopped purchasing from the brand, but I still use these lipsticks and figured a review might help someone out.



This shade blew up when it first came out, so much so that every restock crashed the Lime Crime website and people were selling these for triple their worth on ebay. I picked it up right before it got big because at the time it was such a unique color. Now every brand comes out with a grey nude, but at the time I had nothing even close to this in my collection. I love the consistency of this shade, and it doesn’t apply patchy or uneven. The color itself is out there and nearly unwearable on my skin tone, but I don’t care! Very nude lip colors can wash me out, but this is so grey that it looks weird in a good way. I also love mixing this with lip colors that are too dark on me because it lightens them without changing their undertone.



This was one of the original shades Lime Crime came out with, so I decided to try it out. I don’t wear red lipstick often, as I am lazy and hate to worry about how messed up my lipstick looks. I wanted to love this so badly because the shade in the tube and swatched is a stunning deep crimson, but I cannot for the life of me get this to apply even. As hard as I try and as many layers as I add, there is always a spot (usually along the edges) that looks thin and ridiculous. When I do wear this, I need a good lip liner to make it look opaque at all. If you are searching for a good red, maybe pass on this and look elsewhere.



These are expensive for such a small amount of product (0.088 oz), but it is right in the range of most liquid lipsticks.

While these are by no means my favorite liquid lip products, I will say they are probably the most long lasting. These are like cement once they dry, and you need to really scrub with make up remover to get them off.

Let me know your favorite long lasting matte lip!

Glowingly yours,


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