Cover FX Custom Enhancer Drops in Sunkissed

Cover FX Custom Enhancer Drops





After falling in love with the highlight shade Celestial from this line, I had to get my hands on the lightest bronzing shade as well. These have been sold out forever, but they are finally back and I jumped on the chance to own Sunkissed. Liquid bronzers have always interested and scared me a bit. I am usually quite pale, so applying bronzer can be a delicate ordeal sometimes, especially in liquid or cream form. I decided I needed this after hearing multiple beauty Youtubers rave about it, and how natural it looked on the skin.



When these were released, I assumed that the darker shades were all going to be shimmery and metallic like the highlights, but this shade is the exception. This isn’t matte, but it is muted enough to work perfectly as a bronzer. It doesn’t make my face look muddy or orange at all. The only downside to this product is how quickly it dries, so be sure to blend immediately!



Like I said in my review of Celestial, these are pretty expensive. I would complain more about the price if I didn’t love the product so damn much. I have yet to encounter another liquid face product that impresses me even half as much as this does.

Product Amount

0.5 oz

This is about half of a regular foundation for the same price, which would upset me if there wasn’t so much pigment in a tiny drop of this product. I don’t realistically ever see myself running out of this stuff, especially not as quickly as I run out of foundation.

Let me know your favorite cream or liquid bronzers!

Glowingly yours,


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