NYX Intense Butter Glosses in Tres Leches and Chocolate Crepe

NYX Intense Butter Glosses


NYX is by far the drugstore lipgloss brand out there. They have a few different lines of glosses, but my favorite are the Intense Butter Glosses. The regular Butter Glosses are great if you are looking for a wash of color, but the Intense Glosses are so pigmented its like putting pure pigment on your lips. These remind me so much of the Anastasia Beverly Hills glosses, formula wise. They are very opaque and thick, so they might not be for everyone. I have two shades in more neutral shades, but soon I want to try out some of the darker, more out there colors.

Tres Leches



This shade was a lot lighter on the lips than it looked in the tube, so I prefer to wear it with a darker lip liner underneath. This is such a beautiful neutral pink, and it pairs well with almost any look. I like to add this to the center of my lips over a darker gloss for a really subtle ombre look.

Chocolate Crepe



This is my favorite of the two shades, because I am a sucker for red based browns. Any brown hued lip colors always make me feel refined and adult for some reason. The only problem I have with this product is because it is so glossy, it can slip around on the lips a bit. As long as I use a clear lip liner though I can avoid any feathering or bleeding. I love paring this with a muted eye look and black gel liner.



The best part about these NYX glosses are the fact that they are drugstore priced. It is much easier to collect all the shades when I don’t have to shell out an insane amount of cash every time.

I cannot recommend these enough, especially if you love thick, opaque lip glosses! The shade range contains both neutrals and dark reds and plums, so I am sure most people can find what they are looking for.

Glowingly yours,



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