Glossier’s New Supers Save The Day

The Super Pack $65.00


You might’ve looked at the title of this post and though “why is she obsessed with Glossier? What’s so special about it?” While I love every product I’ve tried from there, there is something else, something much less tangible that I love about Glossier. I love that it was born from an amazing blog, Into The Gloss. I love that everyone who seems to work there is valued and given a platform to speak their beauty truths. I love that no matter when I email, tweet, or comment on their Instagram with a question, it never takes more than an hour for someone to answer. Maybe I’m just a sucker for pastel pink.

So before I make this entire post about my love of the brand, let’s get into the actual products I will be talking about: The Supers. Glossier seems to pride itself on its mix of skincare and make up, so it’s no surprise that they have brought a skincare must have to the table: a serum. And not just one, three different formulations for all major face needs. You can buy all three together and save $19, or you can buy them as singles as needed. While the brand usually releases items silently, these Supers had a good week of promotion for me to get to know them better before taking the 65 buck plunge. As soon as I saw the word serum, I knew I would fork over however much they were asking for.

This is another reason to adore the Glossier team: they will never break your bank account. Most effective serums costs anywhere from $60 to $200, and you get about an ounce of product. When you buy the Super Pack, you are getting three different serums for less than the usual price of one. I have tried a few samples of fancy face oils, but I have never been able to stomach the price tags, until now.

Let’s get into the three Supers, and what makes them so heroic.

Super Bounce $28.00

Two main ingredients: Hyaluronic Acid and Vitamin B5

Benefits: hydrating, softening, plumping

If you look in the comment section of any of the Supers promotional Instagrams, it was plain to see this was the most coveted of the three. It is next to impossible to find a Hyaluronic Acid treatment for an affordable price, and people reacted as expected when shown this. I for one could not wait to let this sink into my skin after a day in the Alabama sun. My skin can lean oily, so I cannot just throw water and thick creams at it when I need moisture, I need to treat lightly. HA is know for moisturizing the skin by plumping it up, without leaving a greasy residue behind.

Super Pure $28.00

Two main ingredients: Zinc and Niacinamide

Benefits: balancing, soothing, redness reducing, purifying

Personally, I was probably most excited to try this one out. My skin goes from friendly to angry in no time flat, so a serum that actually treats my breakouts and irritation is something to be treasured. Before hearing about this product, I was lusting after the Sunday Riley Ultra-Clarifying Facial Oil, but always recoiling at the $80 price tag. Not that Sunday Riley doesn’t make a damn good face oil, but I cannot spend that much on something I haven’t even been able to test out. I foresee Super Pure being the first product from this line that I repurchase.

Super Glow $28.00

Two main ingredients: Vitamin C and Magnesium

Benefits: enhancing, breathable

Oh Glossier, you had me at Vitamin C. Maybe it’s because I am fighting a cold right now and am gulping down all the C I can handle, or maybe its the promise of evening my skin tone. Either way, I am %100 on board with Super Glow. As I have said a million times, I am oily, so glowing is something I have trouble achieving. Glowing turns to greasy in as long as it takes for me to walk from my back door to the car, so I hope this little bottle lives up to its name.

In conclusion, I am the long-winded spokeswoman that Glossier neither wants nor needs.

Glowingly yours,


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