Wet N Wild MegaGlo Limited Edition Highlighting Powders

Wet N Wild MegaGlo Limited Edition Highlighting Powders


In honor of Wet N Wild announcing the addition of these highlights to their permanent line up, I thought I would finally get around to reviewing them. I am always the person that misses out on amazing limited edition products, so when I saw these come out I made it my goal to hunt them down. After I had looked in every drug store in the Tuscaloosa area I thought I would never find them. Cut to a few days later I’m in the middle of nowhere Virginia on a road trip with my boyfriend when I ask him to pull over so I can grab a nail file from a CVS. I walked in a there they were, just waiting for me. There was only one of each color left, so I grabbed them and paid as fast as possible. Needless to say, I completely forgot to buy the nail file.

I was hesitant to review these because I don’t like reviewing products that you can’t buy anymore, because that’s just not fair! Now that I know these are coming back for good, I don’t feel so guilty.

Precious Petals




This is the lighter of the two shades, and my most used by far. This is such a beautiful gold shade with a rosy hint in it. The pan size is huge and I love the floral imprint in the powder. Mine is almost rubbed away because I use this highlight all the time. The formula of these reminds me a lot of the Laura Geller Baked Gelato highlights, not powdery at all. They almost feel wet, but they apply like a powder. These last a really long time on my skin and they don’t settle into any texture on my face.

Crown of My Canopy




I don’t use this shade nearly as much as Precious Petals, but this makes for a really beautiful blush topper. This shade would be really beautiful on deeper skin tones since it is a deeper rose gold color. Once I blend this out on my skin though it looks a lot less intense. I like mixing this and Precious Petals for a really intense rose gold highlight. My only issue with these highlights is the amount of product kick up you get. Because they are limited edition I die a little inside when I have to tap off all the excess product.



And of course, the best part about these is how damn cheap they are. Wet N Wild will always hold a special place in my heart because of how high quality their products are usually for under $5. There are $40 highlights that have half the pigmentation of these. I would pay triple this price for these.

All in all, set your alarm for the moment these come back into stock, because trust me, you need them.

Glowingly yours,



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