Anastasia Beverly Hills Lip Glosses in Butterscotch, Kristen and Sepia

Anastasia Beverly Hills Lip Gloss


And the lip gloss obsession continues to grow!

How the heck do I get on the Anastasia PR list because I seriously need every color from the lip gloss line. These have become far and away my favorite lip gloss formula. While I love a good subtle wash of color, I am always going to get excited about super pigmented, opaque glosses. These have all the color of a regular lipstick, but they fade much more naturally and they feel so comfortable on the lips. These are on the thick side, so if you don’t like that then maybe pass on these. Another great thing about the ABH glosses are how many different colors they come in! There are some with shimmer too if that’s more your style. I currently have three shades, but hopefully one day I will have them all!



This color looks really odd on me by itself, but it’s perfect for lightening up a lip color that is just a tad too dark. I love dabbing this into the center of my lips over a darker gloss and blending it out for a really cool ombrè lip look. Adding a lighter shade to the center of the bottom lip also makes the lips look more plump!



This was the first gloss I bought from this line, and I have been wearing it nonstop ever since. This is the perfect dusty mauve color to pull together any look. I love pairing this with MAC’s lipliner in Soar to really make it last. I will most likely run out of this soon, and I will totally be repurchasing!



This color is such a beautiful chocolatey brown red color, it always makes me think of chocolate covered cherries. I don’t wear this one as often as the others because it is pretty vampy, but it is just perfect for fall! I love mixing this with Butterscotch to create a really cool nude shade.



This are not too expensive for a mid end brand! Most glosses are around $20, so these are a bit easier to collect without bankrupting myself.

Product Amount

0.16 oz

This is a pretty standard amount of product for a lip gloss. These are so pigmented and thick that you don’t need to reapply nearly as often as a sheerer gloss.

Let me know your favorite lip gloss formula!

Glowingly yours,


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