LORAC Pro Palette


This palette has been my go-to, all time favorite for a good while now, and I don’t see anything replacing it. LORAC shadows are, for me, the best on the market. They are so soft and buttery, and they blend perfectly. No matter the primer I use these last all day on me.

The other great part about this palette is the color scheme. I always recommend this product to people looking for a practical, wearable eye shadow palette. The mix of mattes and shimmers, and the shade range from very light to deep makes this a great addition to any make up collection. Below I’ve swatched every shade and I’ll tell y’all where I like to use them and what I think about them! Let’s get started!


This is probably my least used shade in the palette. Bright white shadows tend to age me, so I really only ever use them as a brow bone highlight.


I love using this all over my lid to set my primer.


This is the perfect transition/crease shade. It is really well balanced, so it doesn’t pull too warm or cool.

Light Pink

I really only ever use this as a brow bone highlight.


This is my favorite of all the matte shades, it is such a stunning grey purple, I have nothing quite like it anywhere in my collection.


A dark red brown is a must have for a palette to be cohesive. I love using this shade in my crease or outer corner to deepen up eye looks.


This is a great cool alternative to Sable, and is another staple for a full palette.


Always need a matte black! The pro palettes all tend to have a black in their lineup.


This is a really stunning shade for the inner half of the lid.


I love using this as a wash of color to brighten up my eyes.


If there’s one thing LORAC knows how to do well, its a metallic gold! This shade is so amazing, it looks like liquid metal on the lids. I love patting this on the center of my lid to make everything pop.

Light Bronze

Can you tell this is my favorite shade in the palette? This is the absolute best inner half/all over the lid shade. It is subtle enough to look relaxed but packs enough color to look glowy and bronzed!


This is another one of my favorites! I love using this with Light Bronze to create a really classic metallic eye look.


This shade is perfect for really warm looks. Like the gold, this looks like metal on the lids.

Deep Purple

I really don’t use this shade that often. Every once in a while I’ll use it to deepen up a look in the outer corner.


 I love this grey because of how blue based it is. This looks so beautiful all over the lid with a tiny bit of a silver shadow patted in the middle.

All in all, this palette is perfect for beginners because it sets up a really easy color scheme to use. These shadows are amazing in quality and they have lasted me a long time. Let me know your favorite eye shadow palette!

Glowingly yours,


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