Givenchy Le Rouge Lipstick in 103 Brun Creatéur

Givenchy Le Rouge Lipstick





If I could fill my vanity with with lipsticks embossed with the Givenchy symbol, I would. This is one of my most treasured make up possession, and not just because of its stellar packaging. I bought this a while back after reading about this shade on the blog Brightest Bulb in the Box (sadly it now sits abandoned). I was unsure if spending that much on a lipstick would be worth it, and I have to say that it was. This lipstick feels incredible on the lips, it never pulls or settles into any lines and it lasts a good while. The finish it somewhere between a matte and a cream, but it leans more matte the longer you wear it.


103 Brun Creatéur

This shade is described as a “dusty rose” but it pulls a really lovely pink on me. This really gives my lips that fresh”bitten” look, but it can also look very polished and adult. This shade compliments my skin really nicely, and it matches a whole wide variety of makeup looks.



I wish my wallet loved this lipstick as much as I do. This price is what has kept me from adding more of this to my collection, but I am honestly pretty happy with the shade I have. If I am gonna spend that much on a lipstick, I want it to be a wearable, every day kind of color.

Let me know your favorite luxury lipstick!

Glowingly yours,


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