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Benefit Cosmetics Porefessional Face Primer $31.00


What made me buy it?

This was the primer to have if you wanted to look airbrushed and pore free, and browsing youtube and Reddit all day made that very clear to me. I have large pores around my nose, and I always hated the way some foundations settled into them. When I asked the online Make Up Addicts, every single one said that Benefit’s new primer was the way to go.

Am I happy I bought it?

Yes! When I first bought this, I used it daily for about a year. I still use it every now and then, but I have found primers that I prefer and that last a bit longer. I feel that even in the first few months of owning this, I really got my money’s worth.

Anastasia Beverly Hills Contour Kit $40.00


What made me buy it?

I bought this right after it came out mostly because of YouTube. A lot of big YouTubers had gotten this as PR and were all raving about it. This was one of those products that I bought as soon as it was released because of all the pre-release hype.

Am I happy I bought it?

Yes and no. The middle contour shade is perfect for my skin tone, and the left bronzer shade is nice, but the other shades just aren’t that special. There are two matte highlight shades, one pink and one more yellow. I don’t like using matte powders to highlight my face because it can sometimes make me look flat. The yellow shade is really great for people with tanner skin tones, especially for setting under eye concealer. Now you can buy the single pans, which I wish I had waited for. I would have just bought the shade Fawn to contour with and saved a few bucks.

NARS Radiant Creamy Concealer $29.00


What made me buy it?

To this day, if you ask anyone on Reddit which concealer to buy, most will go on and on about how great the RCC is. I bought this when I first got into make up because I was in need of a good under eye concealer that would cover up my very dark circles. I originally got the shade Honey online but it was a little too orange on me, so I then bought the shade Vanilla which was perfect for my skin tone.

Am I happy I bought it?

Very much so, yes. I still use this concealer weekly to cover up my circles when I haven’t gotten enough sleep. It is a little thick, but it never creases on me when I set it with powder. I have repurchased this a few times because I use it so often!

Maybelline Fit Me Concealer $6.99


What made me buy it?

I bought this because everyone was saying it was a dupe for the NARS Radiant Creamy Concealer. I had just finished my first tube of the NARS, and I was avoiding dropping another 30 bucks on a new tube, so I tired this out.

Am I happy I bought it?

Honestly, I rarely use this. I don’t think this has a formula like the NARS one at all. This is a lot thinner on me, and it doesn’t have the same amount of coverage. This can sometimes look a little dry and flaky on my under eyes. I don’t regret this too much though since it was only $7.

Laura Mercier Loose Translucent Setting Powder $38.00

What made me buy it?

Since I started getting into make up, this has been on the top of everyone’s face powder list. I have had this same container for over two years and it doesn’t feel empty at all yet. Both oily skinned and dry skinned people seem to love this, both for under eye setting and oil control.

Am I happy I bought it?

Yes! I love using this to set my under eye concealer, it keeps it from creasing all day. It may seem expensive, but even with semi daily use I still have a lot left.

Milani Baked Blush in Luminoso $8.49

What made me buy it?

A lot of people were comparing this to MAC’s Warm Soul, another muted peachy baked blush. I don’t see a resemblance at all honestly. To this day I see this pop up every now and then on Reddit in product lists.

Am I happy I bought it?

I am decidedly meh on this blush. Yes the color is nice and I love baked face products, but it can sometimes look a little too glittery on my cheeks. I don’t find myself reaching for this often, but it was cheap so I don’t really regret buying it.

Becca Shimmering Skin Perfectors $38.00



What made me buy it?

Even though they weren’t the first brand to make highlighters, Becca was definitely influential in the now crazy popularity of them. When the Shimmering Skin Perfectors hit the market, the beauty world exploded. I couldn’t read or watch anything online for a while that didn’t mention one of these powders.

Am I happy I bought it?

Yes, these are really beautiful. I have the shades Pearl (an icy white shade) and Champagne Pop (a perfect gold from the Jaclyn Hill collection). They are very pigmented and sit so nicely on the skin.

The Balm Mary-Lou Manizer $24.00

What made me buy it?

While Becca may have been the first company to focus mainly on highlighters, they were by no means the first popular highlight. I would give that title to the Mary-Lou Manizer. This gem from theBalm cosmetics changed the contouring game by giving an alternative to creating shadow with dark colors. Everyone and their mama was wearing this on YoutTube and Reddit, and I had to get my hands on it.

Am I happy I bought it?

Yes! I have both the single compact and I have a three pan palette with a blush and a bronzer, and I use them both! The only downside to the compact is how fragile the powder is. I am actually on my second one because my original one just decided to shatter one day. I didn’t even drop it!

Wet N Wild Fergie Take On The Day Eye Shadow Primer $7.86


What made me buy it?

I saw this talked about a whole lot on Reddit, and I had still not invested in an eye shadow primer. I finally was able to grab this at my local CVS, and since then I haven’t seen it anywhere!

Am I happy I bought it?

Yes, I am now on my second bottle. This is a very great, cheap primer that keeps my shadows vibrant and crease free all day. This isn’t too greasy, but it is moisturizing enough to really smooth out my lids and prepare them for product.

LORAC Pro Palette $44.00


What made me buy it?

When I was first getting into make up, I was deciding which large eyeshadow palette I was going to spend my money on. Like most people, I was deciding between this palette and one of the Urban Decay Nakeds, and I was persuaded by many people on Reddit and blogs to pick this.

Am I happy I bought it?

Yes, this is one of my all time favorite shadow palettes! LORAC shadows are so smooth and soft, and they blend like a dream. I recommend this palette to everyone looking for an easy to use, high quality product for under 50 bucks.

Urban Decay Electric Palette $24.00

What made me buy it?

I bought this after seeing people go crazy for it on Reddit. For most of Urban Decay’s life, the brand promised to be the anti-girly, non conforming glitter supplier for those that didn’t want an eyeshadow palette with a million shades of brown. Then, they released the three Naked palettes which people loved, but felt didn’t really fit with the whole edgy aesthetic of UD. Enter the Electric Palette. This palette was so enticing people like me, who pretty much stick with neutral shades, felt inclined to add it to their collection.

Am I happy I bought it?

Yes because the pigmentation is amazing and the colors are unique, and no because now it is on sale for half the price of when I bought it.

Make Up Geek Peach Smoothie $6.00

What made me buy it?

This is probably one of the most talked about Make Up Geek shadows, and there is only one YouTuber I can blame for me buying this, and her name is Samantha. Samantha from Batalash used this shadow as a transition and crease shade for what felt like every video for a year straight.

Am I happy I bought it?

Yes, it is a really natural looking transition shade for warmer eye looks. The shadow itself is very smooth and buttery, and the undertone is very flattering to my green eyes.

Stila Stay All Day Liquid Liner $22.00

What made me buy it?

Still, this or KVD’s Trooper is what everyone says gives them the best winged liner. I bought this thinking that it was the key to me finally mastering the even, sharp wing.

Am I happy I bought it?

Turns out the issue did not lie with my tools, it had much more to do with my shaky hands and inexperience. I rarely reach for this, because my eye shape just doesn’t work that well with dramatic wings. This also bleeds a bit on my lids when its still wet, and it takes a while to dry for me.

Benefit Cosmetics They’re Real! Mascara $24.00


What made me buy it?

When the whole They’re Real! line came out, I bought into the promotional hype and picked up both this and the liner. I threw the liner out a long time ago because it irritated my eyes, but I held onto the mascara. Benefit sent PR to all the major beauty YouTubers, and in turn I spent the better part of a month watching everyone gush over how long and volumized their lashes were.

Am I happy I bought it?

Eh. There are other mascaras I love much more, but I don’t dislike this. I threw out my original tube a while back because I had had it forever, but I just got this mini in a subscription box recently. I like how long this makes my lashes, but I don’t like how hard it is to remove. It takes too many of my lashes with it when its removed.

Anastasia Beverly Hills Dipbrow Pomade $18.00


What made me buy it?

Before branching out into eye shadows and liquid lipsticks, Anastasia was known as the brow queen, and everyone was using either the Brow Powder, the Brow Wiz or this little pot. I first bought this in the wrong color, and I was way too inexperienced to use it.

Am I happy I bought it?

The Pomade has a serious learning curve, but once you get the hang of it, you won’t regret buying it. IT is easy to go overboard, but I love how long lasting this stuff is. I don’t regret buying this at all!

Clinique Almost Lipstick in Black Honey $17.00

What made me buy it?

Liv Tyler wore this in the Lord of the Rings movies. That is all.

Am I happy I bought it?

Yes, it is the perfect subtle flush of color, it really gives that just bitten look that I believe to be timeless. I have had the same tube forever, and it is the best lip color to keep in your purse or desk at work.

Maybelline Creamy Matte Lipstick in Touch Of Spice $7.99



What made me buy it?

When Maybelline released the Creamy Mattes, everyone went out and bought Touch of Spice. It pulled different on everyone, and it flattered almost every skin tone. It was a nude, but it had enough red in it to be different and interesting. I bought it because I wanted to see what all the Reddit fuss was about.

Am I happy I bought it?

Yes, both the formula and the color are amazing. These mattes are so long lasting and don’t tug or dry out my lips at all. This color is very close to my actual lip color, but it pulls together any look.

Stila Stay All Day Liquid Lipstick in Patina $24.00



What made me buy it?

These and the KVD Everlasting Liquid Lipsticks were some of the first liquid lipsticks in the game. This shade was sold out everywhere because everyone wanted to get their hands on it. I remember people calling this a great way to achieve the ‘Kylie Lip.”

Am I happy I bought it?

Yes, I wore it all the time when I first got it. The formula is very moussey and it doesn’t feel like cement on my lips. I need to wear a lipliner with this though because it is hard to get a sharp line with this applicator.

Let me know if you bought any of these also because of YouTube or Reddit!

Glowingly yours,




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