Colourpop Ultra Matte Lip in Trap and Solow

Colourpop Ultra Matte Lip


I have quite a few of these lipsticks, so I thought I would review them two at a time. Formula wise, these are very drying and thin. Some of the colors wear better than others, but they are all relatively similar.



When these were first released, this was the most talked about shade. At that time the whole grey nude lip was in, and everyone was looking for an alternative to Lime Crime’s Cashmere. I have both and I don’t really see them being exactly the same at all. This color applies very patchy on me, but if I use a lip liner underneath it looks a lot better. I am not crazy about this color on my skin tone, it can really wash me out. I do like using this as a mixer to lighten other cool toned lip shades though.



I love the color of this! It is a really pretty baby pink shade, but it isn’t too bright or intense. This actually wears pretty well on me, I don’t need a lip liner underneath. This color lasts a long time on my lips before it starts to crack and fade. I love pairing this with a matte, light brown eye.



All in all, these are a cheap lip product with a very large shade range. If you have very dry lips you might not like the formula of these, but using a lip balm before application really helps with the drying effect. I much prefer the Ultra Satin Lip formula to these, and since discovering those I have not bought another matte lip.

Let me know your thoughts on the Ultra Matte Lips from Colourpop!

Glowingly yours,


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