Where I Get My Beauty Info

So I decided to make this post all about my favorite beauty sites! My favorite part of the day is getting to unwind, open up my laptop and spend an hour or so updating myself on all current beauty news. I love watching YouTube tutorials to give me some inspiration for the next time I sit down to do my make up. I always read extensive reviews on products before I buy them, especially if they are expensive. I love reading all about different people and their routines, because beauty is such a personal thing that means something totally different to everyone! Read on to see my all time favorite places to get my beauty fix!

Kathleen Lights


Kathleen has been my all time favorite YouTuber since I first got into make up! She comes across as a very genuine, humble person despite her quickly growing fan base. She is very honest about her bad days and her anxiety, which I can really relate to. I find that a lot of YouTubers, as soon as they start to get big, really lose a lot of their objectivity. Even though Kathleen gets sent a lot of products, I can always count on her for an honest review. She does really amazing collaborations, but she doesn’t shove them down her viewers throats in every video. All in all, I would be lying if I said it wasn’t a dream of mine to have a glass of wine with her and talk about our dogs.




Hauls, Product Reviews, Make Up Tutorials, Get Ready With Mes, Personal Stories


I pretty much love all her videos, but my favorites are definitely her monthly favorite videos, because they give me great ideas for products to try out.



It’s hard to imagine finding anyone in the beauty world that has never visited Christine’s site! It is my go-to for swatches and honest ratings of whatever product I am thinking of buying. The products range from drugstore to luxury make up, and everything is graded from A to F, and there is always a detailed reason why each product is given a certain grade. The blog is updated every day with multiple posts, so there is never a lag or lack of content to read. One of the best parts of the entire site is the foundation matrix. You can enter your existing shade in whatever foundation you wear, and you will be given a list of other products and shades that match your skin tone! It makes ordering shades online so much easier. And if you are looking for a match for your favorite discontinued lipstick, check the Dupe List! I have found some great, cheap alternatives to beautiful lipsticks and shadows.




Rated Reviews, Swatches, Foundation Matrix


I love her sneak peeks of upcoming products and collections, and the foundation matrix is a lifesaver!

Into The Gloss


This is a newer favorite of mine, I’ve really only been reading this blog for a few months now but I am obsessed. The main thing I love about Into The Gloss is that it has a lot of different writers behind it, so no two posts are the same. The team behind this blog recently started one of my favorite beauty brands, Glossier! There is usually at least one new post a day, so I never loose interest or forget about checking in on ITG. They have a series called Top Shelf, which is all about what products everyone uses in their routines. This has evolved into interviews with some of the coolest people in the beauty and fashion world. What could be better than advice on face cream from Grace Coddington? Not much.




Interviews, Top Shelf, Reviews, Routines


I love the entire Top Shelf series.

She’s In The Glow


This is the blog that I go to when I am in need of a luxury beauty fix. Behind this lovely blog is Annie, and she is the absolute queen of glowing, youthful skin! This blog is very skincare focused, with make up thrown into the mix every so often. Most of the products reviewed by Annie are high end, so it can be pretty envy inducing! The posts are short, sweet and very informative, but still manage to be interesting and fun. Annie recently got married, and I loved following her entire beauty process, from her shower beauty essentials to how she got in shape for the big day. If you are looking for beauty tips, new trends and luxury products, She’s In The Glow is the site for you!




Reviews, Interviews, Routines, New Products


I love all the different routines posted, my recent favorite was everything she did for her wedding!

Estée Lalonde


Estée has been on the beauty scene for a while now, but her content never gets old or contrived. She covers everything from her current make up favorites to her plant collection. Everything she does has a touch of class and elegance, minus any snobby attitudes or ridiculous price tags. I just recently bought her book Bloom, and it hasn’t left my side since! While I love watching her videos and reading her blog, my favorite thing lately has to be her Snapchat. I love following her around living her fabulous life with her awesome boyfriend and perfect pup Reggie! If you are a fan of flattering nail colors, the perfect nude lips and trendy UK magazines, I highly suggest you look Estée up!


Blog, Youtube, Book


Hauls, Reviews, Favorites, Lifestyle, Vlogs


I love her monthly favorites, they are always filled with really unique, interesting items!

Let me know where you get all your beauty inspiration and info!

Glowingly yours,



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