Kathleen Lights X Morphe Eye Shadow Palette

Kathleen Lights X Morphe Eye Shadow Palette $14.99





Anyone that has ever read this blog knows I am a die hard Kathleen fan. She is the only beauty Youtuber that I seriously trust anymore. She has no agenda, so has collaborations but doesn’t shove them down your throat, and she keeps everyone in mind when creating shades and products. I had never really wanted to buy from Morphe before, because I am not crazy about their marketing techniques, but I made an exception for this palette! This palette comes with 15 shades, 6 of which are colors that Kathleen created and customized herself. The other shades are either available as single pans or in some of the large 35 palettes. I have been using this on my eyes ever since I got it, and I really love it. The colors are a mix of warm and cool, matte and metallic, and light and dark. There are a lot of different looks that can be made with this palette, and I love that Kathleen included cool shades even though she much prefers warm colors.

I will give a little review of each of the shades, and then at the end I will link to two of the tutorials Kathleen has already put out using this palette. Let’s get started!

Row 1

Shade 1 (Cream Puff)

This is a classic inner corner highlight. This also looks really beautiful as a brow bone highlight when mixed with the next matte cream shade. This could also be used as a cheekbone highlight.

Shade 2 (Cream)

This shade is the perfect color for setting eyelid primer/concealer. It is just about my skin tone, but a tiny bit lighter so it has a bit of a brightening effect. This is also a perfect subtle brow bone highlight. This is very soft and non chalky, which is all I look for in a light matte shadow.

Shade 3 (Deep Skin)

This is a really popular Morphe single shadow, and I am so happy that it is included in this palette because it is always sold out online. This is a perfect warm transition/crease shade. In the pan this looks like it has glitter in it, but that really doesn’t translate to the lid at all. It comes off as a soft matte/satin finish. I have been dusting this lightly in my crease with pretty much every eye look since I got it.

Shade 4 (Custom)

This is the first of the custom shades, and it could not be more Kathleen. It reminds me so much of MAC’s Amber Light, which is actually where she got her Youtube name! This is a stunning orange/gold metallic shade, and it is perfect for all over the lid or in the inner half of the lid.

Shade 5 (Custom)

This is the second custom shade, and it pairs perfectly with the first one. This a really striking copper color, and it translate beautifully on the lids. This really makes the green in my eyes stand out.

Row 2

Shade 6 (Trouble)

This cool toned grey/brown comes as a single shadow called Trouble. I was so happy to see a color like this in the palette, because I am constantly using a dark matte shade in the outer V to darken up my eye looks. This is pigmented enough to be usable, but it is subtle enough to not immediately make it look like I rubbed charcoal on my eyelids.

Shade 7 (From The 35T Palette)

This is from one of the large palettes, the 35 Taupe to be exact. This color is right up my alley, I absolutely adore taupe/purple/silver colors like this. I find them so universally flattering to many different skin and eye colors. I love using this all over my lid with a little bit of Trouble in the outer half to darken it all up.

Shade 8 (Custom)

This is the third custom shade, and again, it is totally Kathleen. A warm, rich bronze color that is almost a requirement for every person to have in their arsenal.

Shade 9 (Custom)

This is the fourth custom shade, and it reminds me so much of the Anastasia Modern Renaissance Palette. This swatches a lot deeper than it looks in the pan, but I really love it. It looks like it would be entirely warm, but there is a hint of coolness to it that makes it all the more flattering.

Shade 10 (Secretive)

This is a single shadow called Seductive, and it is the darker sister to the previous shade. This is really great for the outer corner/crease of a really warm, red orange eye look.

Row 3

Shade 11 (Custom)

This is my favorite of the custom shades by far. It is a really grungy, dirty green shade. I love green shadows, especially when they have this dark, brown/gray undertone to it. This is really beautiful all over the lid for a spin on the classic smokey eye.

Shade 12 (Custom)

This is the shade that stands out the most in the palette, and it always catches my eye as soon as I open the palette. This is the last custom shade, and the reason Kathleen made it is so sweet. She admits that she doesn’t love how green eye shadow looks on her personally, but that it is so cool on so many others. She made this shade for everyone else to use, I just think that is so cute! This color reminds me of a mermaid, and the pigmentation is incredible, both finger-swatched and on the lid.

Shade 13 (From The 35O Palette)

This is a pretty rust crease/transition/outer V color that deepens up a warm eye look. This comes from the super popular 35O Palette, which you have probably seen if you’ve watched a beauty Youtube video in the past year.

Shade 14 (From The 35O Palette)

This is my absolute favorite shade in the whole palette! This is also from the 35O Palette, and it reminds me so much of the Bobbi Brown shadow in Camel. This ugly, baby vomit brown/yellow/green shade is the perfect crease color, and it looks so warm and wintery on the lid. In the pan and swatched it looks odd, but I promise this is the best bizarre color you can own.

Shade 15 (Coal)

This is Morphe’s matte black shadow. Every brand has one, not all do it well. This black is very pigmented, but it can be a tiny bit chalky, but I have yet to run into a black that isn’t. I am so happy Kathleen included this in the palette, because I really don’t think an eye shadow palette can be versatile and complete without a matte black.

All in all, this palette is cohesive without being boring. The best part for me about this product is how affordable it is. I love that Kathleen seems to always keep that in mind when creating her collaborations, because the majority of her audience seems to be teenagers and college students.

Kathleen has recently posted two different eye look tutorials using this palette, here and here.

Let me know if you managed to pick this palette up, and your thoughts!

Glowingly yours,


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