MAC Powder Blush in Taupe

MAC Powder Blush




These MAC powder blushes are some of my favorites on the market. There are a so many different shades, ranging from subtle peaches and pink to bright red or purple. I picked this blush up after seeing the word taupe, and assuming it would be perfect for contouring. Unfortunately this shade is only available now in a refill pan, but you can easily just pop it into a Z Palette.

This powder is very pigmented, but blendable, so it is easy to make a subtle shadow in the hallows of the cheeks. This lasts a good while on the face, especially when I use a setting spray. My only issue with this product is it can sometimes get that hard layer on the top, so I have to scrape off a bit of product every now and then.



This is the perfect contour shade for me, not too ashy and not too red/orange. It has enough warmth in it to look natural, but enough gray to mimic a real shadow.



This is the price of the single pan, which is the only way to buy it now. The regular compact powder blushes usually cost $23.00.

Product Amount

0.21 oz

This is a good amount of product, especially for a contouring product. This is so pigmented that you need very little to get a nice contour, making it last a long time.

Let me know your favorite contouring powder!

Glowingly yours,



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