My Favorite Eye Brushes

I thought I would make a list of my all time favorite eye brushes. These are the brushes I use every time I do eye make up. I will also include some cheaper options because a lot of these are a bit pricey. Let’s get started!

Trish McEvoy Brush 45 Sheer Application $38.00


I can’t remember buying this brush. Its one of those brushes that have just always been there in my make up bag. This is a very large, very fluffy brush that is perfect for applying a color all over the lid to set my eye primer. Something about these bristles make eye shadow apply perfectly even and never patchy.

This brush from Ulta has a very similar shape, and only costs $14.00.

Bobbi Brown Eye Blender Brush $34.00


I bought this brush after reading a book by Bobbi Brown, and it seemed like the perfect large blending brush. When it came in the mail it was much larger than I expected, but it is perfect for blending out the entire crease. I usually don’t put any product on this, instead I use it once all the shadows are on my eye to blur everything together. The bristles on this are so amazingly soft, I could blend with this for hours!

This Sephora Crease Brush is similar and on sale for $11!

MAC 217 Blending Brush $25.00

This brush single handedly changed the way my eye shadow looked. This cult classic is the perfect size, perfect density, and the bristles pick up just the right amount of product. After I apply my shadows, I use this to blend it all out and then I use this to dust a darker shade into the outer corner and crease. This applies darker shades perfectly without making them look too intense.

This Sigma blending brush is a pretty well known dupe for this brush, and it costs $16.

MAC 239 Eye Shader Brush $25.00


This is probably my most used brush of all time. This brush is my go to when I need to pack on color all over the lid. The bristles are densely packed so shadows apply evenly and pigmented every time. I am not a huge fan of MAC face brushes, but when it comes to eye brushes, they really get it right.

This Real Technique shading brush is similar, and only cost $6.99.

MAC 219 Pencil Brush $25.00


Every one needs at least one good pencil brush in their collection, especially if they like to apply shadows underneath the lower lash line. I use this whenever I want to blend a subtle shadow underneath my eye. The bristles are soft so it never irritates my lash line, but they are sturdy enough to deposit good product and blend nicely. Pretty much every brand makes a pencil brush, so you really just have to find the right one for you!

This It Cosmetics for Ulta brush is similar, and only costs $12.

Benefit Cosmetics Cream Eyeshadow Brush $22.00


When it comes to applying cream shadows, pretty much any synthetic bristled brush will do! I love this one from Benefit because it is small enough to fit into my eyelid, but large enough to deposit a lot of product. I love using this to lay down cream shadow bases before going in with a really bright, colorful eye shadow.

This elf concealer brush would work just as well for only $3!

Anastasia Beverly Hills Brush #12 $18.00


This was one of those brushes that I really held out on buying because I was sure that just any angled brush would work for eye brows. I bought the Anastasia Dip Brow and hated the way it looked, until I caved and bout this brush to use. This is the only brush that gets near my eyebrows now. The spoolie is perfect for blending out powder or cream if I go a little to crazy, and the sharp point of the angle has kept through hundreds of washes. I honestly want to buy another one of these for applying gel liner because I have yet to find a skinnier, easier to use brush.

This NYX duo brow brush has both a tiny liner side and a spoolie, and its only $9.99

Let me know your all time favorite eye shadow brushes!

Glowingly yours,



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