November 2016 Boxycharm

Groovy Town

This month’s box took me a while to photograph and play around with, so I’m sorry that this is going up in December! There were a lot of really great products in this box, and I have been able to get good use out of pretty much everything so far! Let’s get into a quick review!

Marula Pure Marula Face Oil $58.00

“This superior Marula facial oil leaves the skin soft and plump with increased firmness for healthy, beautiful, age-defying radiance. A light and hydrating facial oil that absorbs quickly into the skin without a greasy after feel. Suitable for all skin types.”

Lately I have been using face oils like this on my neck and chest, especially if they have anti-aging properties. This oil goes on really lightly and doesn’t leave a greasy residue, which is my number one issue with most oils. This really moisturizes and plumps my skin without making me shiny or oily. This product is crazy expensive, I honestly think it might be a bit over priced. The bottle and the pump though are really nice and practical, so that could be where some of that price is coming from. I might try to put a bit of this in my hair as well, and if it works well for that I’ll let you know!

Studio Makeup Eyeshadow Palette in Cool Down $49.95

I was most excited for this product of course, because I hoard eye shadow palettes that I definitely don’t need. This is the cooler, pinkier sister of the first Studio Make Up palette we got last month. I think I like this one more honestly, just because I love a nice cool toned palette. These shadows blend really easily and they last all day on my lid. I have swatches below and I will give a mini review of each of the shadows.

This is a really icy inner corner highlight. I don’t really like to use these kinds of shades all over my lid because they tend to age my eyes, but its perfect for highlighting.

This is a great all over the lid shade for setting primer and laying down a neutral base to help whatever shadows you put on top to blend nicely.

This is a really pretty all over the lid, single color kind of shade. It isn’t crazy pigmented, which actually makes it perfect for laid back shadow days.

I am so split on this shade. The color itself is stunning, but I was not expecting the flecks of glitter in it. In the pan it looks likes a foiled shadow, but when you swatch it or put it on the lid, there is noticeable glitter throughout it. This shade does have some fallout, so when I use this going forward I will apply my eye shadow before foundation.

Shades like this will always have my heart. This is a great transition/crease shade for any pink/purple/other cool toned looks. These mattes are really creamy and not chalky at all.

This is another great all over the lid shade for day to day wear. This color reminds me a lot of the Modern Renaissance palette from Anastasia. I like using this just lightly dusted in the outer half of my lids.

This is a really great reddish brown shade that somehow manages to pull less warm and more neutral on me. This is great for deepening up the corners of a more muted eye look.

This is a really pretty classic bronze shade. Another great all over the lid shadow for relaxed looks.

I adore cool toned browns like this, they are great and adding depth and shadow to a smokey eye.

“The On The Go Eyeshadow Palette includes 9 shades that are perfect for creating day or night looks.”

Overall, this palette really impressed me, not one of the colors was a true dud, so I can see myself traveling with this.

Bellapierre Kiss Proof Lip Creme in Antique Pink $20.00



“These full coverage, high impact liquid lipsticks last for hours without the need to touchup. Their creamy formula goes on smoothly and dries to a beautiful matte finish in a snap!

Add this to my already ridiculous collection of mauve liquid lipsticks. The color of this is really balanced and pretty, and it went on pigmented and intense in one swipe. My only issue with this was how sticky it was for like a full 5 minutes after I applied it. It says that it dries quickly, but I don’t find that to be the case. Once it does dry though, it lasts really long! When I went to take this off with make up removing wipes, it did not budge. Even with an oil based remover, this left a stain for a few hours!

Crown Brush C513 Pro Detail Crease $12.99


“The Pro Detail Crease Brush’s bullet shape and dense Capra blend bristles easily fit into the crease of your eyelid. This brush is made with a high grade of Capra hair, making it easy to clean and maintain with proper care.”

This was the product that I was probably the least excited for, only because how excited can I get for a pencil brush? I already have one from MAC that I love and use often, so I honestly don’t see myself reaching for this over that one. I might pass this along to one of my sisters though because the brush is actually really soft and nice!

Make Up Geek Blush Pan in Heart Throb $10.00




“Makeup Geek Blushes blend effortlessly into the skin to add the perfect does of radiance to your cheeks. The finely milled powder guarantees a smooth, buttery feel and a flawless application every time. Rich pigmentation combined with a fade resistant formula offers buildable, long lasting color. This talc free formula is also great for sensitive skin.”

I was so happy to see this in my box, because I am a sucker for shimmery peach blushes, and the Make Up Geek blush formula is a favorite of mine. This shade is my perfect daily blush, it goes with everything and never looks ridiculous or over done. I have a big Z Palette that I threw this into, which is the only downside because sometimes I can forget about my pan face products. This lasts a very long time on my skin, especially with a setting spray, and it sits beautifully and naturally on the skin.

Box Total: $180.94

This month’s box was full of a lot of great products, and I really got my money’s worth. Let me know what you loved or didn’t love from your box this month!

Glowingly yours,


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