So it’s taken me a while, but I have finally gathered up enough empty tubes and bottles to justify an entire post. When it comes to beauty products, I like to be thorough, and I like to use every last drop before I run out and buy a new one. These products are some of the things I have finished completely, so I thought I would give a full on review and discuss why or why not I would repurchase each one. Granted, there are a few empties that I may have missed, but these are the one’s I managed to remember to photograph! Let’s get started!

Origins High Potency Night-A-Mins Mineral Enriched Renewal Cream $43.00


This jar lasted me a good long time, a little over 6 months of nightly use. I love the brand Origins for skincare, they have high quality ingredients at a somewhat reasonable price. This did a really great job of hydrating my skin without leaving it greasy or congested.

Will I repurchase this?

If the night cream I am testing out right now doesn’t work, then yes. I am trying out a cheaper alternative from Lumene, but if that doesn’t wow me like this product did, then I will cough over the 43 bucks for a refill.

Kiehl’s Cucumber Alcohol Free Toner $16.00

As much as I love Origins, Kiehl’s will always have my heart when it comes to natural, almost wallet friendly skin care. I bought this toner a while back after hearing Kathleen Light’s rave about it. Toners tend to dry my skin out, so when I heard Kathleen say that this didn’t suck the moisturize out of her already dry skin, I ran out to buy it.

Will I repurchase this?

Yes! I have been trying some other toners, but nothing really compares to this for me. This leaves my skin feeling fresh and clean but not stripped of the oils it needs to stay balanced. When I do repurchase this though, I will probably buy the larger bottle of it so it will last longer.

Skin Food Peach Sake Toner $11.81


I bought this a while ago when I was first exploring some Korean skincare. I wanted a toner that wouldn’t dry out my skin, and this one worked great. The packaging is probably my favorite part about this product though, I love anything housed in frosted glass. This smells really nice and doesn’t dry me out at all.

Will I repurchase this?

Probably not, only because I prefer the Kiehl’s toner, I feel like it makes more of a difference in my skin. If you have extremely sensitive skin then I would suggest this Peach toner because it really is very mild.

Fresh Soy Face Cleanser $15.00-$38.00


If you have sensitive skin, you need to go buy this right now. I love using this in the mornings to wake my skin up, and to get any last bit of make up off. I also like to use this when my skin is really irritated because it is very calming and gentle. I always buy the small bottle and it usually lasts me a good 5 or 6 months.

Will I repurchase this?

I already have!

Mizon Snail Recovery Gel Cream $18.99


This was another Korean beauty purchase, I actually bought a few things from the Mizon Snail line. This has a jelly consistency and it delivers a lot of moisture to the face. I put this on at night before bed, and my skin would still feel plump the next morning.

Will I repurchase this?

Probably not, only because I have found other things that I prefer to use.

Kate Somerville EradiKate Acne Treatment $24.00


I have always used drying lotions like this to dry out any bad pimples that may pop up. I like to put this on right before bed and wash it off the next morning.

Will I repurchase this?

Probably not, Mario Badescu makes the same product for a few bucks cheaper so I will probably just buy that.

Mizon Snail Repair Intensive Ampoule $38.00


Another item from Mizon, this is kind of like a serum. I put this on nightly before bed before putting on moisturizer, and it definitely plumped up my skin. A tiny bit goes a long way, so this bottle lasted me a good while.

Will I repurchase this?

No, because I have found serums that I prefer, and this is pretty expensive for a Korean beauty product.

Glamglow Supermud Clearing Treatment $69.00


I bought this a long time ago, and to be honest I didn’t really finish it so much as it dried up completely. This was very good at breaking up and decongesting my skin when I was feeling clogged up, but I don’t think it is exactly worth the money.

Will I repurchase this?

No, because I have found some other great charcoal/clearing masks for much less money that don’t dry out after a few months.

Fresh Rose Face Mask $62.00


Fresh skincare is so natural and amazing, especially for sensitive skin. I love this mask for days when my skin needs to pampering. This leaves my face feeling fresh and moisturized but never greasy. The full size product is very expensive though, but the ingredients are top quality so it’s worth it.

Will I repurchase this?

I was planning to save up to buy it, but I just recently got another sample size of this so I will hold out for now.

Glamglow Gravitymud Firming Treatment $69.00


Another Glam Glow mask that I love, but won’t spend $69 on. I got this large sample size a while back, and I got a good 5 uses out of it. This mask does leave my face feeling very firm, but the results aren’t lasting. The next day I am back to normal. That is why I like to save this for a few hours before a big night or when I need to be photographed.

Will I repurchase this?

No, only because I just got a new sample of it, so I will make that last as long as possible.

Redken All Soft Heavy Cream Super Treatment $17.50


I love hair masks! I have very long straight hair and I died it blonde a while back so my ends are constantly dry. I love the entire Redken All Soft line, it leaves my hair feeling silky and smooth. I would use this once a week and leave it in over night.

Will I repurchase this?

If I see it again maybe, but I have a million different hair masks that I have been trying out so we’ll see!

L’Oreal Voluminous Carbon Black Mascara $8.49


I love my mascara as black as possible, especially when I wear false lashes. This is one of my favorite drugstore mascaras. It gives me volume and length without any clumps or flakes.

Will I repurchase this?

I already have!

Let me know your most recent repurchase!

Glowingly yours,



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