My Personalized Brow Palette

My Personalized Bro Palette


I fill in my eyebrows daily, no matter how much other make up I plan on wearing. Brows frame the face, and I just look more put together when I have them done. That being said, I don’t like the look of heavy, overdone Instagram brows. I have naturally thick brows, so I never find myself having to draw outside of the lines, just some filling in. I usually use pencils or brow mascara, but lately I have been loving the subtle look of powders. I decided to create my own little brow palette because I knew I wanted more than one shade to use on different days and I wanted a brow bone highlight right on hand as well. Here is the final product with swatches!



Mini Z Palette $5.00

First thing I did was buy the smallest Z Palette I could find. I bought this one from Beautylish, and I think it is the cutest thing ever! It’s the perfect size for three pans, and it is super easy to store. After finding the palette, I started to figure out the shades I wanted in it!

Inglot Brow Powder in 567 $7.00


I decided on this brow powder from Inglot because of the cool undertone and the size of the pan. You get a lot of product in this for only 7 bucks. The swatch of this powder might confuse you because it doesn’t look pigmented at all, but that is actually why I love it! It is very hard to overdo it with this stuff because it needs to be built up. The cool tone matches my brows perfectly, and this stuff lasts all day, especially after I set it with clear brow gel.

Anastasia Beverly Hills Single Shadow in Ash Brown $12.00


After getting the main brow powder, I wanted to get a light brown to use every so often. Some days the Inglot powder looks a tiny bit too grey, so I add a touch of this shadow from Anastasia and it warms everything up.

Anastasia Beverly Hills Single Shadow in Vanilla $12.00


I chose another ABH shadow as my brow bone highlight because I love the texture and staying power of her products. This shade has a tiny bit of sheen, so it highlights without looking glittery or metallic. This blends nicely so it looks natural and not like I have a chalky white stripe under my brows.

If you love brow powders, I seriously suggest checking out the Inglot powders, and maybe even creating your own mix like I did! Let me know your favorite brow products!

Glowingly yours,


Instagram: @luxelipssinkships


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