Kathleen Light’s New Nail Polish Line!

KL Polish $8.50




Kathleen could come out with a washcloth with her name on it and I would buy it. I adore her and love to support her, so when she announced her own nail polish line I was so excited to try it out! She came out with 6 shades, and I at first only bought these four, but I have ordered the other two after receiving these. These are only $8.50, which is around the price of Essie or Sally Hansen at the drugstore. I love the fact that this brand is all hers, not a collab or private labeling. She designed every aspect of the product, from the bottle to the brush to the colors and names. The campaign itself is great too, I like that she included pictures of the polish on three different skin tones. I have included those pictures in my review of each color to give you a better idea of how they look.

Overall, I love everything about these polishes! The brush is very short and wide, making it perfect for getting the whole nail in one swipe. The colors are pigmented and opaque after two coats, and they don’t apply streaky. Unfortunately I can’t really speak to their longevity because I can only keep polish on for a few days before I have to take it off for work. I have worn each of these colors for around two days though, and no chipping but past that I don’t know. I am on break now so hopefully I can see how long these really last before they chip. Anyway, let’s get into a quick review of each color!

Brick Sidewalk


“Red nail polish is always a good idea. Put a spin on it with this deep, rusty shade.”

I love red nails, I think they look so adult and refined without being boring. This is a really beautiful rusty red and I thought it would be perfect to wear for the holidays. The name of this one really describes the color perfectly, it reminds me of a deep red brick walkway!



“This mustard-pumpkin shade is perfect for fall and winter!”

This was the shade I was most excited to try because I have never owned anything like it as far as polish goes. This is my favorite color idea shadow though! It really reminds me of the shade Camel from Bobbi Brown, which Kathleen mentions in her video about why she made each color. This color looks really different on everyone, which I think is really cool. I wasn’t sure if I would be able to pull this kind of shade off, but I actually really like the way it looks.



“Keep it simple with this subtle nude shade with a neutral undertone – perfect for everyday wear.”

I adore nude polishes, I think they look very chic and muted while staying sophisticated. This is a fairly balanced nude, it doesn’t pull too yellow or grey, which a lot of nudes can do, especially after being worn for a few days. When I get back to Philly I plan on getting some acrylics put on, and I will be painting them with this because I love the look of nude polish on long nails.



“This mauve shade is the perfect way to add some subtle style to your nails.”

This shade was the first to sell out, and I can see why! This is a really beautiful mauve shade with a hint of lavender. I love colors like this for fall and winter, they look great when I’m paler. I also love that she named this one after her best friends daughter, so cute.


(top to bottom: Snickerdoodle, Zoey, Caramello, Brick Sidewalk)

Heres a quick swatch I wanted to do on my own nails just to give you guys another look at the shades. These are all with two coats and a clear coat on top.

Let me know if you picked any of these up!

Glowingly yours,


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Email: luxelipssinkships@gmail.com

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