NARS Velvet Lip Glides in Stripped and Play Pen

NARS Velvet Lip Glides


I bought two of these during the last Sephora sale right after they had come out. I love when a product toes the line between a lip gloss an a liquid lipstick. These have a gloss like consistency but dry down a tiny bit so they last a little longer. I love the way these feel on my lips, they aren’t drying at all and they don’t settle into my lines. The packaging is very sleek and easy to store. I bought two colors, one nude and one pink, and I will probably be purchasing a few more over the holidays!




“beige pink”

I wanted to get this color because I love warm nudes in a non matte formula. I like to wear this on it’s own or mixed with a darker lipstick to lighten it up. This looks different depending on what color lip liner I use, so it’s very versatile. The only downside to this one though is it can look a bit odd if I don’t moisturize my lips before applying it.

Play Pen



“pink coral”

This is my favorite of the two that I bought. This is the perfect watermelon pink shade for spring and summer. This packs a lot of pigmentation but it isn’t heavy or drying. My favorite part about this though is the slight stain it leaves behind. This goes great with a bronzey eye look and big fluffy lashes. I don’t need a lip liner with this, it doesn’t bleed or feather at all.



These are pricey, but so is everything else from NARS. I do think these are worth the money though because I find them really unique. They aren’t like the Ultra Satin Lips from Colourpop which is my only other liquid lip/gloss hybrid. Next time you find yourself in Sephora, check these out!

Let me know if you’ve gotten any of these and what your thoughts are.

Glowingly yours,


Instagram: @luxelipssinkships



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