MAC Bronzing Powder in Refined Golden

MAC Bronzing Powder




I bought this bronzer when I first started getting into make up. I honestly didn’t touch this for at least a year because it was so pigmented it scared me. I didn’t wear bronzer for the longest time because I was so scared of over doing it and looking orange. Now that I know the art of using a light hand, I have been using this more and more. This lasts a long time on my skin, especially with a setting spray. This is, like I said, very pigmented though so I have to go easy if I want a subtle glow. This bronzer would be great for someone with a deeper skin tone than mine because you wouldn’t need to be so careful during application.


Refined Golden

“golden with soft pearl”

This bronzer has a very warm red base, so I cannot use this for contouring. I tend to use this more often when I have a bit of a tan because it is so warm. There are flecks of gold glitter in this, but they don’t look weird and ridiculous on the face. I also love to use this product as an eye shadow.



MAC face powders are usually on the pricier side. I have other bronzers that are much cheaper than I reach for more, so I don’t think I would ever repurchase this if I were to run out.

Product Amount

0.35 oz

You get a good amount of product in this, the pan is quite big. I prefer a bigger pan with bronzer because I like to use larger brushes for bronzing my skin.

All in all, I would say this is a good bronzer, but I have so many more than I prefer. If you want a very warm bronzer with shimmer, give this one a try! Let me know your favorite bronzers in the comments.

Glowingly yours,


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