The Rust Stack from Melt Cosmetics

Hey everyone! Sorry I haven’t be posting the past week, I have been home in Philly with the family and spending lots of time relaxing, and I have lagged a bit in posting. I will try to get back on my schedule as soon as possible!

The Rust Stack $58.00







So I have always wanted something from Melt Cosmetics, so when everything went on sale for Cyber Monday, I decided I just needed to try one of the eye shadow stacks. I chose the Rust Stack because it had 5 shadows (the regular stacks only have four) and the colors were right up my alley. Since I bought the stack, I have been using it non stop. The color scheme is unbelievably stunning and flattering. They match each other perfectly, so creating a cohesive eye look is really easy. I will go into a little more detail about each shade below. Let’s get started!


“soft vanilla matte”

I was a little skeptical about this shade only because of the yellow tinge to it. I usually like a pure vanilla with maybe a touch of pink in it for all over my lid. I was surprised by how flattering I found this shade to be. Instead of using it all over my eyes, I have been using it to blend everything together. It really softens up any harsh edges without looking chalky or powdery. This is also a nice subtle brow bone highlight.


“ultra matte apricot”

This shade is a perfect transition shade for more laid back looks. It isn’t too orange, but it is warm enough to match the rest of the stack. I love using this blended into my crease and a tiny bit above it with some brown liner and little else. This shade blends so easily and flawlessly, and it can be built up without looking overdone.


“matte dijon-mustard”

This is by far my favorite shade in the whole stack. It reminds me of Bobbi Brown’s Camel (and many other ‘ugly’ mustard shades I hoard), and it is perfect for blending into the crease. I don’t know what it is about these colors that makes them so unappealing in the pan but stunning on the lid. I know you can buy most of the shades in singles, so if you can find this one, I suggest grabbing it!


“rusted rich brown”

This is a great color for deepening up a more subtle look. I love to use this in the outer v and crease paired with Rubbish. This reminds me of a darker version of the shade Deep Skin from Morphe. This shade is very pigmented though, so you need to use a light hand if you only want a small touch. Luckily though, this blends easily so if you go a little overboard you can work with it.


“earthy dark brown”

I thought this would be just another dark brown to round out a palette, but it actually really impressed me. Something about it is very neutral and balanced, making it perfect for both cool and warm eye looks. I have been loving to use this in the outer corner of my eyes to makes them look larger and smokier.

All in all this stack was a huge hit for me! I got it on sale, but I would pay full price for this. All of the eye shadows are buttery and easy to blend, and none are patchy or chalky despite them all being matte. I definitely want to buy more of the stacks from Melt now. Let me know if you’ve tried any of the other stacks and what your thoughts are!

Glowingly yours,


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