January Boxycharm 2017

And The Charm Award Goes To…


I hate to post this only two days after my last box, but I really need to get back on track! I just received this box in the mail on Saturday, and have been playing around with the products for the past few days. Here is a quick review of everything I got!

Vintage Highlighter Double in Chocolate Diamond & Rose Quartz $35.00




“Add a beautiful wash of color and subtle, sexy shimmer with this limited edition illuminating face highlighter set. Wear it alone or as a beautiful highlight over pretty blush or bronzer – the reflective pearls add radiance on contact, adding a delicate glow and diamond-like finish to the skin.”

I was the most excited for this in the box, because I cannot get enough highlighters. This is a duo that comes with two colors, a pinky silver shade and then a more golden one. In the pan these looked a little glittery, but swatched and on the face all you see is a stunning pearly sheen. The packaging is very travel friendly, but I think the white case might get dirty and covered in fingerprints soon. Here are swatches of both shades.

(Rose Quartz)

This is the one that I like the most on my skin tone. It can be both subtle and intense, depending on how heavy a hand I use.

(Chocolate Diamond)

This one is a touch darker and more gold, making it perfect for deeper skin tones! While I think this one is just as stunning as Rose Quartz, I can really only see myself wearing this in the summer when I have a tan.

So Susan Fan Brush $18.95


“A versatile brush made from the best quality synthetic nylon & taklon hairs only.”

This brush is nice, but I have a million fan brushes and they are really all the same to me. That being said, I do love when Boxy Charm makes their boxes cohesive, and this works perfectly with the highlighting duo. The bristles are very soft, and grab a good amount of product.

*Gorge Amazing Konjac Sponge $18.00

“This sponge is made from 100% preservative-free konjac root. This calming, exfoliating sponge is naturally alkaline and balances the acidity of the skin’s impurities. This naturally deep-cleansing, pH balanced sponge can be used throughout the face, neck, and the delicate under eye area since it is gentle enough for even the most sensitive skin.”

I have always wanted to try a konjac sponge for my face, so as soon as I opened the box and saw this I ran to the bathroom and grabbed my cleanser. This feels smooth to the touch, but somehow it managed to really scrub my skin and it left me feeling fresh and clean.

Pür Mineral Glow Bronzer $25.00





“Mineral Glow’s micronized mineral powder has rich, golden undertones to add a sun-kissed contour to your complexion. A staple for PÜR aficionados, use it as a quick fix bronzer for an all-year healthy glow.”

When I opened this, I was sure it would be way too dark for me. When I swatched it though, I was surprised at how much I liked the undertone and shade. This gives a beautiful glow without looking chunky or glittery. This is pretty warm though, so I don’t see myself using it to contour, only warm up the skin. It is very finely milled and doesn’t apply patchy or oddly.

English Laundry Pour Femme Deluxe Roller Ball $25.00

I was surprised by how big this perfume bottle was! This is much bigger than usual roller balls, and it has a spray nozzle. This smells very sweet and feminine, it reminds me a lot of Flowerbomb. I haven’t worn it out yet, so I can’t really speak to how long it lasts on the skin, but I will update once I know.

Let me know how you liked this month’s box!

Glowingly yours,


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